Earth Friendly Valentines

As we celebrate Valentines Day, let us still remember to practice green living.  There are lots of ways to do so, enumerating all of them could take forever but let us start with a very simple reminder;

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, three (3)s that we can get to live each day.  We don’t need any special occasion to do this, if we can do it everyday and that would be a lot of help for our dying planet.

earth friendly

When choosing to buy a product, a gift for your love one this valentines,  make sure that you keep on your mind the place we are living right now. Be eco-conscious, there are lots of things, materials that can be a great gift for this special love day.  It doesn’t need to be so fancy or luxurious, as they say, the thought is the most important thing rather than the price of the gift.

Happy Valentines to all my lovely readers.  My birthday is coming up and watch out for more exciting giveaway.

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