Healthy Easy Pha-max – Green Monday #27

Three months ago, I have learned about this healthy drink called Easy Pha Max. Because of my desire to live well and cleanse my system, i seek for products that will give me healthy benefits. Easy Pha-max is  a wheatgrass that contains anti-oxidant phytochemicals and other different nutrients that help cleanse the blood, neutralize the toxins and eliminate excess fats, free radicals and heavy metals from our body system. It is also rich in fiber which helps clear out toxins and garbage in the digestive tract.

Easy pha max  as claimed is 100% natural, safe and organic.  It’s good to drink this first thing in the morning especially in an empty stomach for better absorption.

It does taste like grass at first but when you drink it regularly you will no longer imagine the taste and you can only focus on the benefits it can bring in your body.

If you have time, do check my short video.  It’s my supposed video entry on Easy-pha max contest but for some reason and because i’m really busy at that time, I was not able to join it, but viewing it makes me smile and giggle for a while. I do hope you will enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy doing the video and the truth, this takes more than ten cut before i can finally make it right. healthy easy pha-max for your green health.

Thank you for joining last week’s Green Monday.  

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  1. I don’t think I can drink wheatgrass!

  2. Just join again…

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to try that. I just hope they could come up with different flavors soon that doesn’t taste like grass.

  4. i suggest green tea 🙂

  5. k ganda naman nang model…like the video sis…artistahin ka…ehehehe!

  6. tnx for imparting to us the wonders of Easy Pha-max..
    By the way ri, what a nice video!!!like it to the max!!!

  7. I love your video. I noticed that you lose some weight. Dahil ba yan sa Pha-Max, Sis?

    • i’m on the process sis, i eat only oatmeal sa lunch and less rice in the evening. he he he and yes, easy pha max does help .

  8. Mei Santiago says

    What you stated is 100% true. Nakakatulong talaga ito sa katawan kc my grandpa used to drink this. Pero basically para sa akin, hahaha when I tried this one 100% hindi ko trip ang lasa. PROMISE!

  9. Sayang naman you weren’t able to pass that video.

    Anyway, I also tried this one few weeks ago after seeing it’s 100% organic. I’m actually trying to avoid softdrinks and go for healthy drinks instead. The taste is comparable to a sweetened green tea which is tolerable. I made a research about the product and the company and the way they process/make their products is impressive. Initial result talaga is smooth waste elimination e. how about you?

    • yes, the company overview is impressive and sometimes my waste is also green which perhaps i think is the toxic from my body. i do hope this will lead me into something good. thanks for the visit.

  10. Kelly Powell says

    Thank you for sharing!

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