Eco-bags and a giveaway from Farm Girl blogger

When i see a green blog my heart smiles because I know it will be another addition for spreading the word on how to help our mother earth, I would never missed the chance to follow them.  It is always my desire to live green, so every idea about green living is very important for me.

If you will browse my site, i bet you will not see any post promoting eco-bags but don’t get me wrong because you have not seen one , it does not mean that I’m not promoting them or using them in real life.  I have several eco-bags , bought from SM and some other companies which promote eco-bags. Everyday, we used eco-bag to carry our lunch boxes.  I bring them along with me when i had my weekly marketing and i never failed to bring 2 pieces of SM eco-bag when i bought groceries at SM Naga City because in this way, the use of plastic can be minimize and i get additional 4 points on my Rewards Advantage Card.

Eco-bags are very beneficial to our environment, using them means less plastic , less plastic means good environment.

Now, you’ll get a chance to have one eco-bag plus $5 by joining Farm Girl turns Blogger Eco-bag Giveaway.  Joining is very easy , you only need to do 4 simple task:

friendly eco-bags

[box] 1. Make a blog post about the giveaway and link it to (Farm Girl Blogger). 2. Add her to your blog roll/blog list. 3. Follow her through GFC. 4. Then comment with the link of your blog post, blog site and GFC username.[/box]

Join now and Spread the Green Living Ideas.


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  1. thank you so much for spreading the news and joining 🙂

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