Eco-bags on the move

It’s been a while since i voice out my thoughts about using eco-bags.  I have been collecting some and using them while going to the grocery and in our local supermarket.   As much as possible, i would like to use it instead of using plastic.  That’s why, i always had one in my bag so that i can use it whenever the need arises.

Eco-bags on action

So, here are some of my eco-bags in action.  They come in handy and a great  help for me when we celebrate our son first birthday.  Inside the eco-bags are the things we used for his birthday.  What’s good with eco-bag is, they are strong and easy to use.  You can eventually fold them when not in used and when they get dirty, you can wash them and hang them dry.

Of course, the best thing about eco-bags is you can able to help our Mother Earth in a very simple way.  Eliminating plastic in just one click is really hard but if we will vow that we will avoid them, then we can able to give a good shot , one thing at a time to help our environment.

Green living ways are not so hard to do.  We just only need the heart to do it.

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  1. I also bring one in my bag just in case I need one. I hope the no plastic bag policy gets implemented nationwide,

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