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Sustainable fashion, green fashion, fashion forward, eco-chic, green design, sustainable design,  these are just some of what we called or company branded their eco-fashion design.  To be labeled or name as sustainable fashion, one must use sustainable source products such as  organic cotton or products are made by qualified artisan who gives their 100% hand work to make each products a uniquely created one.  Other’s used recycled products  and best environmentally-friendly products that can be found.  Helping our planet means doing the best possible thing to reduce your footprints.

Some well known brands are now embarking on the journey of saving mother earth, H&M has launched an eco-friendly collection called, Conscious Collection, they used eco-friendly fabrics.  Supermodel Amber Valletta  graces this “Conscious” and “Conscious Exclusive.  Products are made from Bangladesh, another  way of helping these people.  Another sustainable thoughts they are promoting is that you can bring your unwanted clothes on their garment-collection boxes in H&M stores, with this you will receive discount for your next purchases.  Clothes that are still good will be donated while others will be recycled to be used for new products. 

Blue QBrothers Seth and Mitch Nash which was behind this product uses 95% recycled materials and even donate 1% of their share to The Nature Conservancy. 

Stella McCartney, a well known designer is now using vegan and cruelty free products, she even pioneered some innovative sustainable fabric technology.  She never uses leather or fur, which was definitely something worth admiring. 

Edun – a well known ethical brand in the market today was created by a well known rock star, Bono and Ali Hewson was definitely green rocking and indeed helping many african people since their products are mainly produced in Africa.   And just for additional thoughts, Edun had created a denim line which was completely sourced and manufactured in Africa and  now globally distributed. That’s something every eco-fashion lover should check out.  Even  former Alexander Wang design director Danielle Sherman recently joined their team to bring pretty eco chic fashion. 

Imagine by Gloria Steinem

Maiden Nation :  Eco-chic fashion at it’s best , famous names like Yoko Ono, Gloria Steinem, Rachel Roy, Lauren Bush goes forward on sharing their advocacy of not just green living but also helping to protect the rights of woman, children and the youth of today.  Their mission  of  beauty and social consciousness in mind and empowering the lives of women are definitely something admirable. 

Further Reading & picture credit : Marie Claire Sustainable Designer, vogue UK,

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