Eco-Friendly Decorating for the Fall Season

With the temperature slowly cooling down and warm colors like maroon and brown representing the upcoming fall season, this may be the best time to redecorate your home. Furniture changes easily give your home a different look, and many eco-friendly options are much easier to find than they seem – and they may just be in your home already. Here are a couple of tips to help you redecorate your home in a greener way:

1. Go to your local thrift store

While many of us often associate thrift stores with clothing, these shops often provide great and gently used furniture. Some of them offer beautiful vintage pieces that you would not be able to find in new furniture stores, helping you add a new dimension of creativity to your home. When you’re done using your own furniture, you can always donate it to the Salvation Army or a thrift shop. You can also sell your old pieces to a consignment shops or through a yard sale. By recycling and reusing furniture, we can reduce the use of resources like wood and leather, which are hard to renew and damaging to the environment.

2. Use furniture you already have to create something new

You might not need that bookcase anymore for your library collection, but have you been looking for more space to store clothing? That bookcase could easily become an armoire for sweaters or jeans. Repurposing furniture is great because it saves you money, is friendly for the environment, and is an ingenious and cool use of something that other people probably haven’t done in their homes. You can even turn repurposing furniture into a fun DIY project! Since it’s presumably an old piece, you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging something that you may have recently spent a good amount of money on. That old bookcase? Get some paint, stencils, and your kids or some friends so that you can use that furniture piece as a collaborative and practical mural. The piece will look much more unique and will make you feel like you really made a big change in decorating your home, while simultaneously choosing a green option and costing you close to nothing.

3. If you’re going for new, try to pick eco-friendly furniture

Smart Deco furniture

Wood isn’t easily renewable, and synthetic fibers are not eco-friendly. You may already have synthetic fiber furniture that is not easily recyclable. Luckily, there are various alternatives to environmentally dangerous furniture. California company SmartDeco has created 100% recyclable, eco-friendly furniture that includes desks, dresser drawers and night stands that are made out of high grade corrugated fiberboard, making it easy for the furniture to be moved around and assembled (no tools required!). Another great alternative includes bamboo, which is easily renewable due to its quick growth rate, and therefore is an extremely environmentally friendly option. Bamboo is great for blinds, room partitions, flooring, or even home building!  

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