Eco-friendly Diapers

If you love our world and willing to help preserve it. We in our own simple way, we will love to help by doing the right thing.  Do you know that  disposable diapers contain dyes, fragrance and bleaches that can harm our little baby but because it is very convenient and especially during night times to prevent any pee leakages and for us parents to have a good night sleep, it’s easy to use, easy to carry anywhere so we tend to use them for our advantage.

But the truth is disposable diapers can harm our Mother Nature because it’s hard to decompose estimating to 500 years. (just imagine that) Time will come that our place are already filled with used diapers and it was not really good for our health.

Cloth diapers

Eco-Friendly Diaper

With Peachy, i used gauze diaper or bird’s eye lampin for everyday use.  We just have a cloth with an inside plastic material which the lampin will be put. But now, i have seen an innovative eco-friendly diaper that we can use.  I decided to use  cloth diaper for our new  little one. It’s also leak proof and easy to wash and  i will be saving a lot of money and I can help our environment too.  Although at first, it’s also a little pricey because one cloth diaper ranges to $20.00 to $30.00 but if you would compare the amount of disposable diaper you would be using in a day. Cloth diaper is still very affordable. I’m still waiting for my order from my sister but if it happens that she could not find one.  I opt to buy from the local online store here because it can save me much rather ordering on the States.  (if you know a local Philippine online store, please do share the link with me , so i can check it for myself)

If you are worrying because you still need to wash them, well, it’s a part of motherhood that we can’t deny. Now, if your looking for an affordable cloth diaper, try the Econobum cloth diaper.

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  1. wow thats a nice eco friendly diaper.. by the way, added you in my Green Blogroll at
    Pinay Green Mommy

  2. Hi Mommy Ria, my sister is sewing cloth diapers at a very affordable price. Here’s her multiply site or you can reach her at


  1. […] to say that I am not using any disposable diapers but ever since with my first baby, I prefer using cloth diaper (birds eye) in the whole morning.  It’s a lot of savings and a way to help our environment […]

  2. […] I am not using any disposable diapers but ever since with my first baby, I prefer using curity cloth diaper (birds eye) in the whole morning.  It gives me a lot of savings but as time changes, new […]

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