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Valentines day is coming way too fast and we can all feel the excitement that it brings especially to lovely couples who celebrate this one of a kind special day for couples in love.  It is also the best time to show your love and affection to your better half by giving him/her a gift that comes from the heart. And being an eco-mom who is on the look out of preserving and helping our environment, I know the first thing that comes to your mind is what eco-friendly valentine gifts i should find for my special someone.

Although, valentines day is not just for couples, it is also a great day to give gifts to your parents, children or friends.  There are many great gifts that has been a part of tradition for years and these gifts are sometimes accompanied with valentine cards or greeting cards and these cards are sometimes accompanied with gifts that will surely melt ones heart.

Choosing your valentine gift is sometimes hard especially if you have many choices and there is always the thought that you want it to be extraordinarily and will stand out among the rest you have already given him/her.

If your a working mom, you will understand the real value of Valentines Day, we have been very busy for the rest of the days and Valentine Day is a great excuse to break free from our usual practices and cherish and rekindle the love you both shares.

With a little bit of creativity and a tick of your finger tips, you can find in the net many ideas about eco-friendly valentine gifts that you can give to your special someone. Here are some ideas that you can find worth looking at ;

Of course, it is always good to do your own handmade valentine card but if you don’t have the time, you can check out some online seller who made special and personalized eco-friendly valentine card.

 Valentine Card Cherries -£ 5.75

handmade valentine cards


Flowers are always a top valentine gift. Instead of giving a perishable bouquet, why not give her a beautiful flower in a ceramic pot.  You can even help your environment with this eco-friendly gift idea. – $19.00



Chocolates is always a girls favorite and this organic truffle temptations will surely bring out  your desires.  This is All-natural / USDA Organic / Gluten free.  – $27.99

organic chocolates



eco-friendly valentine gift

This watch that comes from 100% recyclable wood and ticking from  Miyota quartz, this gender-neutral design puts the “new” in renewable. As innovative as it is earth friendly, they can feel one with nature using this all-natural watch from WeWOOD. You can keep being an eco-chic fashionista  without ever leaving a carbon footprint. – Gifting $119.00

Handmade Goody Keychain holder – I always wanted my keys to be organized and I bet we share the same sentiment. This handmade Good Day Happy Hook  – Gifting $32.00

couple's hook


Organic Spa Items

organic spa basket

Aromatherapy Oil 

aromatherapy oil

Give the gift of relaxation. – $22.00

Poo Frames 

Pooh Frames from Elephant's poo

Yes, it’s made from the elephant poo. It’s sanitized, odor-free and eco-friendly. These desktop frames transform wilderness waste into sustainable, fibrous material using an amazing, forest-free technique. It’s a perfect picture frame for your favorite picture.  Handmade of recycled elephant waste in Thailand  Uncommon Goods – $14.00

Whatever gifts you choose will surely bring delights to your love one and if you decided something different, wrap it Green. Organic cotton paper, hemp blend paper, recycled papers, envelopes and biodegradable ribbons are more than enough to wrap up your gifts with love and keeping on mind our environment. Check for more tree free paper.

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