Eco Green Cariloha Towels for the Green Year

Rose Quartz and Serenity had a big year last year as the trending pantone color of 2017. This 2017, let us all welcome a more calming and natural color for this year’s pantone color – Greenery! A symbol of refreshing beginnings and a revitalizing color worthy of the attention this 2016.

We can now incline our decorating patterns, accessories and ideas to this zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the feeling of the first day of spring. A symbol of renewal and restoration, green is indeed one of lushest color for this year.

Thus, leaning into a greener perspective in life is undoubtedly one of the best ideas you can start with this year. Start your green living portfolio with the things that you use at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of green and organic products available in the market that are as effective as the chemical-based and branded ones.

Eco Green Towels from Cariloha are one of the products that you might want to consider including in your list of green living ideas this year. They are made of super-fine and extra-long staples of cotton that contributes to a more sustainable consumption of the material. Unlike regular towels, they are more absorbent and cost cheaper to wash. You’ll have extra liters of water saved for the month, consume less detergent and a shorter time for drying. That’s more savings and a healthier way to conserve and contribute to nature’s regeneration. It is made from eco-friendly dyes and chemicals that has reduced or the least impact on the environment. You might consider getting green towels as well to be able to blend it with your Greenery color there for this year.

As we all walk through this year with greener and more organic ideas to help conserve and save the environment, we can also enjoy the beauty and the vibrancy of green as we incorporate it in the design and aesthetics of our homes.

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