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Being an eco-mom, you need to practice what you advocate and for this, I am always looking for eco-friendly products that i can use everyday. But the common problems we have when we think of going green is the affordability.  Many would agree that it may cost more than the amount of the similar regular products on the market but if you look beyond the price, you will learn that using eco-friendly and organic products are even more affordable and of course you in your own simple way become an instrument to help our environment a better place to live.

Another problem we might encountered is the fact that some eco-products claim that they are indeed eco-friendly but in fact they were not.   When buying an eco-friendly products, you need to check the label and the ingredients to be sure that what you are buying is indeed friendly to our environment.

Droplets of Nature offers eco-friendly products for your everyday use.  Dishwashing liquid is one product that is inevitable in your kitchen and they have the right product for your need.  Although, they only have several products to begin with, you can be assured that their products are labor of love and are created to help our environment.

droplets of nature diswashing liquid – Php. 156.00

Droplets of Nature Dishwashing liquid is made from made from potato/corn based surfactant , alkyl polyglucosides, plant based alcohol and some essential oils which from my research is a product that is recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drugs Administration because it is very gentle on skin and not toxic to people,  It biodegrades readily and came from corn sugars. 

 Although the price is much higher from local dishwashing brands that you can buy on the market, Droplets of Nature dishwashing liquid is concentrated that on each tiny drop is good to clean 4 to 6 plates which if you sum it all, it is more affordable and in the same time, you had a good share on helping our environment.

droplets of nature hand sanitizer – Php. 69.00

Droplets of Nature Hand Sanitizer is composed of essential oils and plant-based lactic acid. The alcohol includes on it is fruit based and the lactic acid serves as the anti-bacterial- an alternative to alcohol.  It has  No petrochemicals and triclosan and safe even for your baby’s gentle hands. The smell is neutral too which means no harfmul fragrance is included.  It comes from handy bottle that you can bring along in your bag or pocket which you can use anywhere and everywhere .

Visit Droplets of Nature website and Facebook page to learn more about their eco-products.

 Disclaimer:  I received a product for review and consumption but content are my opinion and point of view.  





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  1. Definitely checking out these products, sis! Thanks for the reco!

  2. Thank you for sharing your review. I am really supportive of the green cause and will sure buy their products for personala nd family use.

    There’s nothing better than helping the environment. Cheers to a greener way of life!

  3. I just got this in the mail the other week! I am so excited to try it ; )


  4. I didn’t get this in my mail:( hope they can send me some for review too hehe

  5. this is amazing! I’m on green products too because they’re safe to use and for the kids to be around too. I would love to try the hand sanitizing and dish washing soap. I will try to visit their website soon.

  6. i hope i’ll receive this product too. i actually think you are correct in saying that in a way you save more because every drop can clean a couple of plates.

  7. i love eco-friendly products. You got good reviews here too. gotta check this out if we have available in USA

  8. Products that do not harm the environment or its users are the best ones to buy.

  9. these sound like awesome product. i like the brand name – droplets of nature

  10. Momgen Reviews says

    That might be very good in your hands and also great review…

  11. I love using products that are eco-friendly.I wanna try their product specially the dish washing liquid,gentle on the skin.

  12. the dishwashing liquid looks like a nice product. It is concentrated. I find concentrated dishwashing liquids more effective.

  13. The hand sanitizers is waht i want i always carry a bottle for my kids whenever we go somewhere it comes in handy big time!

  14. I am just glad that more and more products are now being manufactured that are eco-friendly. I commend them for going through lengths in helping the environment.

  15. I am a huge fan of essential oils and I collect different essential oils to make my own concoction from all-purpose cleaner, insect repellent, air freshener and what not. Gotta love something that is good for us and the environment. I don’t think I have seen these products before. Sure sounds like something good to use with all the natural ingredients that are in it. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  16. wow a new eco product indeed.. will check it sis.. thanks for the info

  17. Uh, I haven’t really thought about non-bio dishwashing liquid. Now this is an idea and probably it is the best product not only for the dishes but as well as for our hands plus a hand sanitizer or hand gel, it’s even better.

  18. I love their sanitizer! the smell is so friendly eh

  19. Looks like really great products there! I love eco-friendly stuff, it’s good to think about mommy nature always!

  20. I miss GM..will join maybe next time…

  21. Would love to have my hands around those sanitizers!

  22. leo rances garcia says

    i love eco-frinedly products:)

  23. i really like about your review 🙂 we will check this product

  24. sherry ann gole cruz says

    hope i could try this product,is it in the market already?go for eco friendly product!

  25. I love this article, it just goes to show that Droplets of Nature is a must have to every household since it’s eco friendly:)

  26. Pinay Mommy Online says

    I have sensitive skin. I guess this product will work well for me. Thanks for giving us a detailed review. 🙂

  27. i love natural products.its safe and no harsh chemicals to use by me and my family

  28. I’d love to try the eco-friendly dishwashing liquid. We own the earth to our children and so it makes sense to take care of the earth.

  29. Kimberly Camille Tiu says

    Its good that while we are disinfecting ourselves and protecting our health and the health of our family members, we can still be of care to nature

  30. Starrie Sun says

    This is actually a new blog site for me. Since this is all about green living, I am very much willing to subscribe to this because I super LOVE anything green, organic, natural, healthy, and mother-earth saving. In fact, I am known at my office as the green and healthy living person. I hope I can develop a better “relationship” with this blog. I will subscribe to your email feeds to keep me abreast of your latest green living articles and tips. 🙂 Kudos to you for this blog. I’m quite excited to browse or at least scan through your past blogs and learn a thing or two 🙂

    Regarding Droplets of Nature, I have seen and tested their hand sanitizer in Sesou. The pink one (powder scent) and the eucalyptus scented (?) one are my picks. I have a personal tip though. Made this myself. You could make your own hand sanitizer by mixing drops of your favorite essential oil with your ordinary rubbing alcohol. I used cinnamon for my own mix and I love it. My officemates love the candy and natural scent too. 🙂

  31. Ruby Salazar Papio says

    Good for me to try those because i am a nature lover…

    So safe to use~

  32. Regina D Cruz says

    I love natural and eco friendly products.thanks for sharing

  33. when i learned that the dish washing liquid is made of potato, i had to make a second look at the picture. i’m sure that it’s made out of labor of love ^_^ great idea for Droplets of Nature!

  34. Istin Dizon Paigna says

    I just one a giveaway sponsored by them. I am so excited to try their products and see its wonders myself.. 🙂

  35. Allan Reyes says

    I’d like to try it all.

  36. Bevs Raymundo says

    It definitely a must. People should be aware of doing their part for our Mother Earth.
    Thanks for this blog! 🙂

  37. i love the sanitizer

  38. Liza Marie Valenzuela says

    Love the review! Makes me want to try all.

  39. nice! it’s still better to go natural!


    I want to try this since its important for me to hand sanitize for my baby’s health:)

  41. Rhozallino Ramones says

    it is nice to know that theirs a product that is earth friendly!

  42. Ferdinand Angeles says

    If these NATURAL products are safe for babies then surely, these are safe for all of us. Mother Nature knows best!!!

  43. Therese Decena says

    it looks promising!! i love their Advocacy, it really encourage People to use Organic Products.. :>

  44. Crystal Cruz says

    love the reviews. and I love the eco friendly products I am a huge fan of it. 🙂

  45. Elinor Semira says

    Wow this is an amazing product! Very eco-friendly, nice! 🙂

  46. Cecille Capatan says

    Thanks for sharing your experiences to Droplets products. I’m an eco-mom too… Been using an eco firendly products since my son born. honestly i never know this product Droplets… I’m using Human Nature products from soap, dish washing liquid and shampoo etc… Actually the price od Droplet products are the same as Human nature. Anyways, i’m very welcome to use the Droplet products since it was certified eco friendly products.

    Good Job and More power!

  47. Emilie Udasco says

    I love it!.. 😉

  48. I would like to try this droplets of nature products, even a small addition in helping our environment, I’ll do. tnx.

  49. I’m kinda curious about the lactic acid in the hand sanitizers. And the fact that they are eco-friendly makes me want to try them more than ever. 🙂

  50. I’ll definitely support eco-friendly products and I want to try this dish washing liquid.

  51. Ish Maquera says

    Thank you for the review, I really needed it because there are many products out there that claims that they are… This is my first time to hear about Droplets of Nature and I would love to try and use their products. Natural products are indeed pricey but when it comes to our health it’s just right. 🙂

  52. a must-try!

  53. Jelo Manongsong says

    I am so eager to try their soaps on my acne prone skin. :))

  54. Peggy Greco says

    Thanks for sharing review of good products with us!

  55. Sandy Cain says

    I will defintiely check this out. Not only is it better for the envoinment, but my hands are a mess from psoriasis, and I KNOW the stuff we use now is NOT helping any. Thanks!


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