El Nido – A beauty beyond compare

Our country has many things to offer.  Whether it was the beauty of nature, sumptuous delicacies and warm people. Nothing can compare the beauty and splendor of our country despite the bad image we get from different negative things.

They say that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, Yes! It is indeed.  And one of the fun places to visit  is El Nido in Palawan.  Named by CNNI as one of the best beach and island destination in the Philippines because of it’s extraordinary splendor and ecosystem.  No wonder, many traveler and newly weds wishes to visit this amazingly green island.

As an eco-mom, I am always fascinated with the beauty of nature around me.  I always prefer a romantic, breathtaking get-away, far from the busy and noisy city that I used to grew up. For me, a perfect vacation is when I am alone with my love ones, walking hand in hand in a pristine white beach and enjoying the serene beauty of the Philippine sunset.

I thrill the sight of mountains, sands and trees.

Savoring a fresh grilled seafood and hearing the chirping of the birds at night and enjoying a relaxing massage  is a memory to treasure. I thrill the sight of mountains, sands and trees and even I don’t know how to swim, i would love to feel the rush of the water in my feet.  For me, the feeling to commune with nature is not just a passion but a lifetime commitment to be able to preserve it in my own simple ways.

Hubby and I had never had our honeymoon because we have to go back to work two days after our wedding and with the coming of the kids, I guess a honeymoon is no longer an option.  But winning  a grand vacation is a chance of a lifetime, just thinking of the  majestic beauty of El Nido Resorts Holiday makes me excited and could not wait to experience it and if given a chance, here are the things that I thought we can do while in the island.

1.  Rappelling and Mountain Climbing

Rappelling and Mountain climbing

I’m thinking of upgrading my love for this extreme sport.  Do you think I can manage the heights?

2. Enjoy a day of releasing the baby turtles back to their own habitat.  The turtles is one of the oldest habitat in  earth and preserving them to have a chance to live for another centuries is one of the great cause I would love to experience.

 3. Maybe the resort would grant me to plant a tree and have it named.  I have joined several plant for a tree cause, from Manila, to Quezon province, here in Naga City and some parts of  Camarines Sur and thinking of planting a tree in El Nido is truly a treasured worth keeping in my memory bank.

plant a tree

 4.  Transportation using the banana boat is truly exciting.

Banana Boat – an exciting transportation

 5.  We love organic.  A tour at their organic farm and eating a great dish coming from it, is such a healthy treat.

Organic – we totally love it

 6. Enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset and dream that everyday will be like this.

magnificent sunset of el-nido (image from el nido resorts facebook page)

 7.  Just stay still and feel the warmth of the air and the beauty of the caves and the surroundings. And enjoy a day just doing nothing but be amazed.

Meditating – it’s more fun in El Nido

 8. Snorkeling and Diving – who could resist this beauty?

image via El Nido Resorts facebook page

9.  Lunch or dinner by the beach –  You can create a romantic feeling wherever you are but with this view it’s simply magical.

A romantic dinner (image via El Nido Resorts Facebook page)

10. Live our life to the fullest – This is a haven , a paradise that uniquely ours, a pride of our Country, a beauty beyond compare.  Who would not want to experience such blissful days? We are just among the thousand of people who dream to experience such and i hope and pray that it will be granted.

image via El Nido Resorts

The picture speaks for itself.  It was indeed worth a thousand words and there are more than one hundred things I have in mind to do in this majestic place.  El Nido Resorts is a place of many wonders and to be given a chance to experience it is an answered prayer for a middle earner like us.  This would be a lifetime gratitude that me and my family would surely cherish.

Aside from that, my body is so stressed now, having a day time work at the court, online job at night , taking care of the needs of my two kids and being a dutiful wife to my husband and engaging on different social and cultural events. I think, i deserve a treat, don’t you think? Want more reason,  we have been wanting to go back to Puerto Princesa,  Palawan because it’s where my biological mother was living.  Many of you knows my childhood story and how I was able to find my mother through internet and meeting her after years of longing  is already a blessing but if I will be given a chance to visit and be with her again, that’s truly an answered prayer.   Now, you know why I really wanted to have that grand vacation!

Credit:  Some images are from the Official Facebook page of El Nido Resorts.  You can view them to learn more about the majestic beauty of El Nido.

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  1. El Nido is one of the places I’d love to visit. I’ve actually booked my flights already for Feb next year and I can’t wait too also experience its beauty and grandeur! 🙂

  2. musings on meanderings says

    i’d love to visit Palawan very soon! I just wish I have the money to do it, mars. I’d love to experience everything this beautiful island paradise has to offer. Am sure it is something both me + the little man will enjoy….

  3. Philippines indeed has many beautiful spots that we can be proud of.

  4. I’ll be back later to comment and visit other linkies. 🙂 Lovely photos and I want to come back and take a closer look and read. 🙂

  5. how i wish i can also visit El Nido. The place is so beautiful. 🙂

  6. I have never been to El Nido. But I am hearing so many good things about it. If my budget will permit me, I’ll definitely put this in my places to go this year. 🙂

  7. You are right, Palawan is damn pretty and exciting to visit.

  8. Lucky you! I’ve never been to Palawan. One of these days I will.

  9. one of the places in the Philippines that I’d love to visit sooner than soon 🙂

  10. El Nido has always been my dream destination. Hopefully our trip this October will push through, can’t wait to soak my feet in their powdery sand! 🙂

  11. Beautiful! Hands down to this paradise! I’ve been to Dimakya Island in Palawan and the place is unadulterated…so lovely like El Nido, I guess Palawan deserves all the praise for being a lovely spot!

  12. What a great place to visit..Your right Philippines has many to offer to every one..I will love to visit Palawan one day…

  13. Looks really fun and the scenery is awesome. I better plan ahead for that place. 🙂


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