Endangered Species Chocolates – A yummy treat with a cause

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Who doesn’t love chocolates?  Even though I’m not into sweets that much,  I couldn’t resist having chocolates in my diet.

There are many kinds of chocolates and created in different sizes and designs and to this day, they are now widely used in many foods, beverages and even dishes.  Chocolates was well known for its positive as well as negative health benefits and cravings for one have been researched and proven why people craves for it.

Although I love milk chocolates,  I prefer dark chocolates since studies shows that it can help reduce heart and attack and some anti-cancer contents and it was just extremely delicious for me.  Some may preferred sweet but bittersweet and unsweetened chocolates works best for my taste.

So, just imagine my delight to learn one chocolate brand that offers organic and natural  chocolates with a good advocacy in mind.

endangered species

Natural and Organic means that the cocoa and products which they used were produced using methods that don’t use synthetic inputs and not processed with chemical food additives and passed the standard of Rainforest Alliance and used sustainable farming which only means that they are more healthier and more satisfying to your palate. True indeed, because just the smell of the chocolates is truly pleasing and even though I’m on a diet, I couldn’t resist the taste of it.

Chocolate Bar offers different natural and organic chocolate bar and pouches which also comes in different flavor.

Their mission is :

To have a positive impact on Earth’s species, habitat and humanity by providing resources through the creation, manufacture and sale of delicious, premium, ethically traded, natural, organic, gluten free, vegan
and kosher certified chocolate products.

Aside from their advocacy, their  facility is powered by 100% wind power which means their electrical systems reduced annual energy usage by 40% which is indeed a big help to our environment.

They also offers AWF Adoption collections , each purchase of this collection , a percentage of which was donated to the  African Wildlife Foundation.

Another thing I love about this chocolates is the design of their wrapper.  It’s truly inspiring and a reminder for every consumer to take care of our nature as well as this endangered species around us.

Living a greener life starts with right choices, from the things you use and the food you take and chocolates like this are no exceptions.


To learn about this yummy and advocacy driven chocolates,  Visit Chocolate Bar today and browse their collection.  You can also check out their facebook and  twitter page to learn more updates.


Now, here’s the chance to try them for free.  Chocolate Bar is very generous to provide $20 dollar worth of different Endangered Species Chocolates for you to try.  Isn’t that amazing?  You will truly love them, so don’t forget to join!

Come back again on this post to learn about the giveaway!

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  1. Sherri Lewis says

    I love that you not only get a delicious treat, but you are supporting a worthy cause…. win-win!

  2. Gail Williams says

    I give myself organic chocolate for the feel good feeling. I am diabetic and watch my sweets so I do not have to take insulin shots! The 72% dark chocolate is what I prefer and not too much at a time!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    These Endangered Species chocolates look so delicious and well worth eating because of the health benefits of dark chocolate. I like the flavor of Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds. I also like that it is made with the best ingredients!

  4. Diane Cooper says

    I love everything about Chocolate Bar! How could you not feel great eating this chocolate and supporting such an amazing company?

  5. Jayden H. says

    I think these look so good!I will try them even if I do not win! I love that they support a greener life and support helping our endangered species.

  6. That Dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds has my name on it. I also love that it gives back to a great cause. I want some now

  7. I love chocolate! Especially one that is organic and helps a great cause!

  8. Robin Wilson says

    I think this sounds just delicious ~ I love chocolate. I also like their donations cause ~ wouldn’t it be nice if all companies followed suit? Thanks I hope to try this soon.

  9. Monica Powell says

    I Love Chocolate!! And if can be an organic one that makes it even better!

  10. stephanie haders says

    Always great to support a good cause! and of course the chocolate is delicious!

  11. I love organic chocolate! I have a deep affinity for Trader Joe’s organic dark chocolate bars; I also recently tried and love Kopali chocolates, which are organic. I have never tasted chocolate so great. The fact that’s it also good for you only sweetens the pot(bad chocolate pun intended).

  12. I love that I can buy some dark chocolate that’s not only natural and organic, but that also supports a good cause. Thanks for the review!

  13. natalie parvis says

    Wow, this is so wonderful. I would really love to try these organic chocolate bars!

  14. I like the fact that not only is the chocolate great quality, but also that they support AWF

  15. Crystal Rose says

    This is actually my favorite brand of chocolate. I stumbled onto them a few years ago and I was in love.

  16. Angela Rhodes says

    I love they are organic and helping the animals AND are fair trade – talk about win-win-win! Yummy! 🙂

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