Energy Efficiency: The Timeline on How Blinds Have Reacted

We’re in an era where absolutely everything in homes is being scrutinized for its energy efficiency potential. As you may have already gathered, specifically we’re talking about blinds today.

This was a product that once wasn’t associated with anything apart from making a home retain its privacy and possibly decoration. Now, there are umpteen reasons to install a set of blinds and as every year passes, each manufacturer seems to be attempting to outdo the other in a bid to maximize the eco benefits.


For example, let’s take a look at one of the most blatant inventions when it comes to energy efficiency. Insulated shades have caused an absolute storm amongst eco-enthusiasts, with these able to insulate a room due to their smart, cellular shape. Considering the fact that you can purchase anything from a single-cellular to one of the triple variety, it goes without saying that the insulated power of this invention is huge.

However, blinds manufacturers haven’t just been catering for the freezing environments. They’ve also looked into ways to reduce the reliance on cooling devices – which in this next example has a knock-on effect of prompting lighting savings.

What we’re now talking about is the invention of solar shades – which aim to prevent about 70% of UV rays from penetrating the blind and into the room. Ultimately, it means that while light is permitted to enter through the blind, heat is not. As such, the days of closing the blinds because it’s too hot only to turn on the light are long gone. Blinds have again developed to accommodate energy efficiency.


Both of the two inventions that have been discussed are actually quite new on the market. Something that is a little older, contrary to what a lot of people think, is the motorized blind. While it may sound absolutely absurd that anything with a motor could prompt energy efficiency, it actually can.

Motorized blinds are probably the top product you can consider if you are looking to make your home as eco-friendly as possible. As we’ve found out with some of the more recent developments in energy efficient blind technology, the effects can be terrific. The only issue is that you have to control exactly when these blinds are drawn or open – meaning that it’s never a seamless solution.

With the motorized blind that issue goes out of the window, pardon the pun. The timer can dictate exactly when they are open, and drawn, so your home can take advantage of natural sunlight at the peak hours of the day. Bearing this in mind, the ideal scenario is to combine some of the solutions to promote even more energy efficiency.

Most of the products that have been discussed have actually hit the market fairly recently. As such, it’s certainly going to be interesting to see just what devices blinds manufacturers come out with next, and just how these are going to continue to boost the green world that we now live in.

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  1. Lisa Ehrman says

    Wow! I didn’t think about the savings of them closing on their own when I’m not home! We’re actually about to purchase vertical blinds, so this is something to think about. Thanks for this informative post 🙂

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