Energy-Efficient at All Times: What’s the Cheapest Way to Heat Your Home?

When the weather turns and the cold starts to seep in, you’ll want a way to keep your home cozy without producing energy bills that will leave you broke.  

 Gas and electric heaters are some of the most simple and effective ways to heat your home in an efficient and effective manner. Which option will be the best for your home depends on what you require.

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 Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are usually portable and inexpensive. They are a great option for smaller spaces where they will not be used consistently. They can also be very effective at keeping a single person warm, since they can be aimed in one direction and used as a personal heater. However, they can get expensive to run if used continuously.

 Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are efficient and can be quite attractive. There are also some people that prefer the heat they produced, which can be more muted and enveloping than electric heat. Gas heaters can be hooked up directly to natural gas lines or to bottled LPD, though they cannot be interchanged.

There are two types of gas heaters: a freestanding gas heater and a portable gas heater.

A portable gas heater can be beneficial if you need to move it around from room to room or point it in different directions.

 Modern portable gas heaters also have a range of safety features to make sure that the heater switches off in case something goes wrong. They’re also much cheaper to run than electric heaters, but more affordable to buy.

 Freestanding gas heaters are flued, which means they can vent into a chimney and carry any harmful waste products, such as carbon monoxide and water vapour.

 Freestanding gas heaters are more permanent but can often be more attractive and add to a room’s overall look. Heaters like those Illusion Fires have a selection of elegant and extremely efficient gas heaters that will look good, warm your house, and save you money. You can see more of these heaters by going to now.

 Other ways to make your home heating cheaper

 Before you purchase a heater

Before pumping money into a heater, look for ways make your home efficient by eliminating draughts. Check your windows and doors are well sealed and use draught excluders and door snakes if you find any location that needs a bit more insulation.

If possible, insulate your ceiling. If you rent, use rugs to help insulate the floor. Curtains and blinds will help your heat from escaping through your windows. Some thermal curtains are specially made to retain heat as well.

 Planning ahead

Consider what kind of heating you’re going to need before you need it by purchasing your heater before the winter chill sets in. This may be difficult in summer, since they are rarely stocked during the warmer months. However, you can often find a great deal on heaters at the end of the heating season when they are on clearance.

 If you want a new freestanding gas heater installed, have it done well before the cold season starts so that installers are not too busy and you will have plenty of time to get it completed before you actually need it.

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