Did you know that at least 90% of the energy used by incandescent light bulbs-the kind of bulb that contains a filament-goes to producing heat, not light. That’s how Easy-Bake ovens work. But when you’re trying to light a room, not bake a cake, it’s “a big waste of electricity,” says Nina Gupta, president and CEO of Greenlite Lighting in Pointe-Clair.

100% Recyclable

CFL’s or compact fluorescent light bulbs  is more efficient rather than the old incandescent light bulbs  or the one I called yellow bulb and CFL lasts 10 times longer and the good part of it, CFL are 100% recyclable so when it does break or it was already run out of life, you can definitely recycle it unlike your old incandescent

Energy Saving Lamp – Php. 250.00 c/o

Energy Efficient

Another fact that you must consider CFL for a change is that it gives a low energy consumption or roughly 20% of the electricity  thus helping you to save your Meralco or Casureco (that’s our electric supplier) bill.  One more positive thing about this CFL, it’s light is more brighter than the regular light bulb so you can see clearly your surroundings thus avoiding problems or incidents.


They say that CFL has a mercury on it and if we heard mercury then many of us immediately think about what if it accidentally broken. Study shows that CFL has little mercury on it compared to the thermometer (maybe that’s the reason why old thermometer were already phased out and changed into digital) so thus the threat is very minimal too.

CFL and beyond

If you think that CFL is the best eco-friendly light, think further.  There is the new LED or what they called (light emitting diodes) .  This LED bulbs offers a far more better lifespan than the CFL and the good thing is that it does not contain any mercury.  I do remember last Christmas, many people especially the Energy regulation board encourage many people/consumer to  buy LED Christmas light  than the regular one because it offers more luminosity and is twice cost-efficient rather than the old christmas lights.  (That is why, we have eventually changed all our Christmas lights even they were still working)

Price Comparison:

Now with the price, CFL is more cheaper than the LED.  I think you can buy Php.100. 00 to Php. 600.00 CFL light  while for the LED it would double the price and can goes up to Php. 2,000.

5W White Spotlight LED Light Bulb with Bayonet Base – Php. 2,250 c/o

Other Green Living Ideas :  I think, one tip I can give to save electricity consumption is to reiterate that whenever the electricity is not in use, close it.  You can save a lot of money by doing so.  Choose  light colored paints to your wall because it radiates light thus saving you  a great deal of money.

That’s a thought for you to change your old incandescent lights. Have you made up your choice, CFL or the led light?

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  1. We use energy efficient led lights at home as well..

  2. choosing the right lighting or bulbs into an efficient one is of great advantage because it will help us conserve energy. the first photo is what we have 😀

  3. That’s a great green living tip you got there, sis! Energy conservation is really a must esp. in today’s age when the environment is showing us signs of a not good habitation of the human race.

  4. We need this kind of bulb in our house .Prices are going up and saving electric bill helps a lot for our budgeting

  5. Singlemom Reviews says

    I have been trying to minimize my bills at home as part of saving..thanks for this tips…

  6. We use energy saving bulbs here at home. And so far ever since we move here more than a year ago, we haven’t changed a light bulb yet.

  7. wish we could have those on our house. always wanting to conserve as much of energy as possible that we can lately.

  8. our new tv is an LED tv because my husband it is energy-saving. 🙂

  9. We also use CFL bulb at home,because it has many good advantages.It is also good that it is environment friendly because it is recyclable.

  10. I pay for our power consumption at home. It has been a headache for me each time until I invested on one LED light. Isa lang muna kasi nga mahal but it’s worth it and I’m looking to invest on another – just one at a time. 🙂

  11. We switched to energy saving bulbs because we wanted to conserve energy and save some money as well, and we have saved quite a lot because our electric bill is not that high and our lights don’t burn out as easily.. 🙂

  12. Momgen Reviews says

    Hubby believes that we need to save some bucks by using energy saver stuffs…

  13. Back in our old house we actually do use CFL. We switched all our bulbs into CFL, and we only have one flourescent light that is in our kitchen. There are a lot of LED lights here in the US and the house that we are renting right now some of the lights are LED like in the kitchen and on the foyer. I do agree that it can save you money when you turn off the lights or tv or any electronic device when not in use or not necessary. And so as with the paint as well. Correct choice of painting and lighting can actually help save some money. Awesome one! Thanks for sharing.

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