1. A fair trade promotes the less developed countries and to lessen their poverty status.In other words,they are helping each other for the betterment of the state.

  2. cool and unique items. this products are perfect for favors and keepsake

  3. Momgen Reviews says

    Oh I might try to find that kind of shop to help them in their trade…:-)

  4. that cadbury seems like its everywhere in the world. i saw some here in US, but not that many like in Phil

  5. We buy products that have fair trade sign. good to know that we are helping these countries.

  6. we should patronize our local products.. when i was in cebu I always bought items from trade fair.. hoping to have this kind of event here in leyte..

  7. I am so glad to know that Starbucks and Carbury are doing the right thing when it comes to fair trade.

  8. I’ve heard this trade center several times way back i was in the Philippines although haven’t been to actual one. Would like to experience

  9. That’s me a big fan of fair trade labels. I tend to buy it to show support. Good to fight poverty all over the world and in any ways we can help, by simply showing our full support.

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