Falcon Waterless Male Urinal

Do you remember the post I have made two years ago regarding OTTO Waterless Male Urinal that even get me the chance to win fabulous bathroom package. I had a chance to see it in person and inspection the same.

Recently, i have seen a contemporary of which but this time it was made by Falcon Waterfree Technology, an international manufacturer that specialized and distributed waterfree urinal around the world.


This waterfree urinal system uses a patented cartridge wherein the urine pass through.  The good part of this product is it’s totally waterless thus a great saving in water and the cartridge used that prevents odor to eliminate is composed of nonporous material that is definitely safe for people as well as for the environment.

Although one urinal may cost thousand of pesos, the equivalent savings is much more huge and the fresh water it conserve contributes to a better and more sustainable future for us and our children.

One waterfree urinal can save 150,000 liters or 40,000 gallons of fresh/clean water in a year.  Just imagine if all of restaurant and public urinals would have this one, that’s thousands of savings for a year.

 Because of it’s unique  technology, it’s more hygienic and cleaner surroundings  than the usual urinal.

additional source: Falcon Waterfree Technologies

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  1. I have seen waterless urinal quite a number of times in our malls. Not that I go to male restrooms. Sometimes washrooms for women are provided with urinals for boys. 🙂 I like that malls are turning eco-friendlier with these options.

  2. Ferdinand Angeles says

    One of the best inventions that will help us conserve water. This review makes me want to buy one ilagay sa bahay namin 🙂

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