FAQ’s about Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

You’ve been hearing a lot about the effectiveness of microfibre cleaning cloths for cleaning, so you’re seriously thinking about buying one. If you haven’t tried using a microfibre cleaning cloth, it’s likely that you’re somehow cynical about how it is used and how it works. If that’s the case, this post is perfect for you. 

Here are the frequently asked questions about microfibre cleaning cloths you should know:

What can I clean with a microfibre cleaning cloth? Nearly anything! Microfibre cloth is safe for any kind of surface, and since there are many types of microfibre cloths available in the market, you can surely find one for your specific cleaning needs. You can use microfibre cleaning cloths to clean your car, kitchen, appliances, and even your body! In general, you can use a dry microfibre cleaning cloth for dusting, polishing or light cleaning. A wet one is good for more thorough cleaning, especially on windows, mirrors, stove tops, counters, and so on.

What is a microfibre cloth made of? Microfibre is a very light and durable material that is composed of tiny threads which are almost 100 times thinner compared to human hair. Typically, a microfibre cleaning cloth is a combination of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide.Where can I use microfibre cleaning cloths?

You can use your Luxura microfibre cleaning cloths virtually anywhere! Use it to clean your sinks, kitchen tops, bathroom walls, etc. As mentioned earlier, these cleaning cloths are safe for any type of surface, so they can be used to clean virtually everything that needs to be cleaned! Is it safe to use a detergent or any chemical cleanser with a microfibre cloth?

Yes, you can use a detergent with your microfibre cleaning cloth for cleaning, but you actually don’t have to. It’s also not recommended that you use harmful cleaning products with this cloth as they may damage the quality of microfibre. How are microfibre cloths supposed to be cleaned?  It’s very easy to clean microfibre cleaning cloths. All you need is water. Yes, all you need to do is wash them using warm water.What the warm water does is open up the microfibres, so that the dirt trapped in them will be released. If you want to wash your microfibre cleaning cloths in the washing machine, that’s okay as well. When washing your

Luxura microfibre cleaning cloths in the washing machine, remember not to use fabric softeners of any type as the chemicals contained in them may clog the microfibre. This could make the cleaning cloth less effective. Also, do not bleach these cloths as this may result in the corrosion of the fibres over time. And lastly, do not even think about ironing your microfibre cleaning cloths!

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