Fight Osteoporosis with Anlene

Calcium is an essential mineral that is needed by our body.  It is needed by our bones and teeth for it to remain stronger but as times goes by  especially for a woman who had given birth and had her monthly menstruation those healthy bones and body we have will eventually deteriorate and we are now prone to accident and fractures .

Since last year I was diagnosed that i had an Osteopenia , a condition where bones mineral are lower than normal it is different from Osteoporosis which makes the bones more brittle and weak and can fracture easily. Atlhough Osteoponia is not a disease but it is also serve as a marker for me and for all those who had that they are more at risk of fractures.

bone density scan

It is wiser thing to know your bones density by having a bone densitometry or just they called a bone scan, it is simple, painless test that can measure your bone density.  You can ask your Orthopaedic to have this test for you but the good thing there are companies who gave free bone examinations especially those who promote calciums supplements.

One of this company is Anlene who is a well known dairy product who help re-build your bone density by giving you the calcium and other vitamins that’s needed by your body.  It contains important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, protein, magnesium and zinc so within 4 weeks of drinking two times of glasses daily can help your body regain those essential bones nutrients.

Of course, there are some other factors you need to consider too, like having a good and healthy diet ,

  • eating the nutritious foods reach in calcium especially those leafy green vegetables.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Make a regular exercise a daily habit, a simple walking or if you are into dancing , this is now the best time to show it.

Drinking Anlene everyday is a key to preventing and treating calcium deficiency and can help you reduce osteoporosis.  Join me as I start the daily Anlene habit now!

* special thanks to skysenshi for this box of Anlene that i have won from her site.

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  1. Mars @ The Life Encounters says

    I actually am planning to start drinking milk and thanks for sharing about this sis, I’m on my way to start drinking Anlene. 🙂

  2. I’m not really a milk drinker but I better start now. Thank you!


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