Finding a Healthy and Balanced Living

For a mom of two kids with a day time and night time job and maintaining  some blogs, sometimes, my life is very chaotic and to mentioned, the bills that needed to pay such dilemma added so much stress in my life.

I am always hoping to cope up with the demands of my life and have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Although, it is not very simple to achieve, making a list and give prioritize could improve my life better.

According to statics, many of us works eight hours (8) a day, spend an hour travelling home, another hour for eating or enjoying your favorite television program for about two to three hours and spend at about two hours in a day or even more in front of your computer enjoying a social bonding, online games or involving in social media.

balanced life

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time in one area of our life and still we feel unfulfilled even with so much effort.  Here are some simple ways on how one can have a healthy and balanced living and I hope at the end of my post, i have the heart and time to fulfill it.

  • Take a moment to pause and evaluate yourself.  Sometimes we tend to do many things in our life, trying to live a life that we always hope for and achieve for whatever purposes we wanted but yet at the end we are still not satisfied.  That trait is definitely very human, we tend to do many things and we could not find the satisfaction.  Take a short pause and think what do you really want with your life so you would not end up wasting your time over something you don’t really like.
  • Being a working mom like me, we are missing many things in our child’s daily life, so when you have the time, do bond with them and enjoy every second’s you have together. Eat together, play together, create a bonding moment that you and your children would treasure. Don’t feel over guilty that you can’t  be with them all the time because this thoughts would just create sad moment and additional pressure in your life.
  •   Eat a well balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fishes and nutritious foods.  Just like the saying goes, healthy mind, healthy body.  Your personality plays a big part on your emotional and of your whole health. Thinking positive and not encouraging negative thoughts can give you a better view of your life.
  • Keep your blood flowing.  A good circulation can benefit a good healthy body.  Eat right and exercise to prevent any health problems.
  • Better digestion.  It’s always good to have a better digestion.  Fiber and water is very important in our body. Rehydrate always to avoid any future health or mind problems.
Living a healthy life might not be very easy as one , two , three but knowing the basic and doing the first step is a good start on having a healthy balanced living I always so desire.

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