Finding New Title’s for an eReader

For many consumers, switching from the traditional paper book to and eReader has proven to have many benefits. Not only have these readers cleared out some space of their home, but they have given themselves the ability to read virtually anywhere without having to tote around heavy books. Additionally, purchasing new material for their eReaders is less expensive that purchasing a paper book. There is, however, a setback to purchasing new material for an eReader. When looking for new reading material, consumers used to be able to just browse through their local book store and they would have the opportunity to peruse a book before purchasing it. With e-books, consumers only have the written synopsis to go off of. This can easily result in a customer purchasing a book that he or she dislikes. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help readers find new titles for their e-book.

Take Advantage of Online Lists

One easy way for consumers to find new titles for their eReader, is to get recommendations from the manufacturer’s websites. These websites usually have top-sellers lists, new release lists, and countless of other types of lists that allow avid readers to find recommended reading material. These lists can also be found on the website of certain retailers.

Readers can also choose to check out lists found on the website of other divisions of the manufacturer. For example, readers in the United States can check out the lists present on Nook UK, and compare it to its American counterpart. This allows readers to still utilize a brand that they love while providing themselves with new options to choose from. It is suggested that readers make a list of the titles that they have found and to do some type of research on the titles to ensure that they have a better chance of enjoying it.

Research the Title and Author

One of the best ways to ensure that new e-book material will be enjoyable, is to do some old fashioned research. With the expansion of the internet, this research can by quick and painless when done correctly. Readers should first start off by making a list of their favorite writers and writers that they have heard about. The reader can then research the writer and make a list of the written material that they do not possess, or are not familiar with. Once that list is completed, the reader can then do some research on the titles that made the list. This research should allow the reader to decide whether or not it is worth purchasing for their eReader. For titles that catch the reader’s attention, they can be added onto the list of “Titles to be Purchased.” From there, readers can begin to add to their eReader as their budgets permit.

These tips to discovering new material for an eReader may sound complicated, but they are quite easy in execution. With the help of the internet, finding new reading material can be easy and enjoyable. Readers should try to branch out to different genres while using these tips. Doing so could open up a whole new world of reading to the consumer.


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