For the Love of Coffee – Going Organic

Coffee addict or coffeeholic, that’s the term used for those people who loves drinking coffee.  I guess, I have inherited my passion for drinking coffee from my father.  I remember the times, when we will sit on the table and talked about the different kinds of coffee and how it was prepared.  We always dream of owning a coffee maker someday when money permits but even years after I have my own job, i never had the chance to buy him a coffee maker nor I would be having a chance in this lifetime to sit in front of him again talking our love for coffee.

There are many coffee drinker in the world but it doesn’t mean that everybody loves coffee, my husband for one is not a coffee drinker, he would always complain of sleepless night even if he had one cup.  Coffee has been studied to determine the effects it had to human body and studies even shows that it contain several compounds that known to affect human.  Even my grandmother who is not a coffee drinker would always remind me that drinking too much coffee can be a big problem considering that it has caffeine and I usually end up with palpitations but studies shows that those who drink two to three cups coffee lives more longer.  It’s a study that I have read and not just to justify my love for coffee.

Whether it was a fact or not, drinking coffee can give you positive and negative effects.  So, if you are health conscious but do not want to cut on drinking coffee, there are choices that you can do, you can still enjoy the coffee flavor with low risk by drinking decaffeinated coffee or which is more commonly known as decaf.  They say that decaf coffee loses some flavor because the caffeine has been removed.

You might have head or read from my previous post regarding fair trade markets and those companies who supports eco-conscious efforts to help coffee growers and farmers by buying those coffee product, we on our own simple way have been able to help and support those coffee growers.

Or you can also try organic coffee, this coffee has low toxins because it undergoes organic farming principles.   Because of the growing demands or organic products in the market, many coffee growers are also going organic and now this concept has been widely known and many coffee lovers are also more aware of the good benefits it brings.

On my next post, i would be doing a taste test and would differentiate organic from the regular coffee that we buy on the mall or nearby supermarket.

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  1. Sometimes when I drink coffee, I experience migraine 🙁 .. I have not sip coffee for a long time because of my pregnancy but I love the scent of its aroma.

  2. I love coffee and I have inherited it from my mom. She doesnt listen to people’s advice that it is bad to drink coffee when you are pregnant so i think i have my addiction even before i was born haha

  3. I’m a certified coffee addict, whether instant or brewed , it does not really matter. I want to try this organic coffee too.

  4. I’m a coffee addict but I’m trying to lessen my coffee intake for a while now. Been drinking tea most of the time and for the last week I think I only had two cups of coffee. I’m not even sure if the coffee I drink is organic.

  5. I love coffee and no matter how I tried I can’t lessen my intake!

  6. I don’t think I can survive a day without coffee but I now limit it to 1 cup a day.

  7. I always love the smell of coffee but never liked how bitter it tastes. The hubby used to be the same until he came from Vietnam changed. He now loves coffee and drinks coffee more than once a day! 🙂

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