FORD FIESTA: THE Sedan with a Midas Touch

Football enthusiasts may remember Luis, the famous and yet equally controversial midfielder of Portugal’s golden era. His eye for runs, uncanny ability to pick the right passes in creating a movie and his ability to go on and on making him the heart of success for both Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Though not in the same breath, the Ford Fiesta, Ford’s foray into the sedan segment, can pack just as much class as it does power.


The Fiesta features the latest in body design from the stables of Ford, which they call as Kinetic design. And living up to its name, the Fiesta appears cool, yet athletic and muscular, ready to flex its muscles.

Available in a number of snazzy colors, the Fiesta is well built, both in style and in the technical standpoint. The main head turner in the design of the Fiesta is its headlights. Wide open-styled headlights with a multi-reflector backing makes these headlights pop out when they are lit up, giving the whole car a very unique and attractive appearance. With body colored bumpers, sharp and tall tail lights and other eye candy features, these make for a very appealing exterior package for the car.

Engine, body and interiors

Available in both petrol and diesel variants, Ford has retained its legacy for coming out with powerful yet efficient engine when it comes to the Fiesta too.

The petrol variant engine, a 4 cylinder 16 valves DOHC gives a displacement of 1499 cc and a maximal torque output of 112 Nm at 5000 rpm. The diesel engine, a 4 cylinder 16 valve SOHC on the other hand, has a displacement of 1499 cc and produces a torque of 204 Nm at 2750 rpm.

The interiors of the Fiesta can compare with the sedans in terms of comfort and functionality. With an electronic side view mirrors, power steering, adjustable steering wheel and driver seat height and other features, the Fiesta remain stylish yet convenient to operate and utilize. Another stand out feature of this sedan is the not-so-small boot space. So when you are ready for a trip, Fiesta is too!

And in the same breath as sedan-class features, the Fiesta offers seamless Bluetooth pairing and integration, something which people think of as only for costly and fancy sedans. The system can be paired with up to 4 phones, with the option of audio streaming, private calling and voice command with phonebook access, letting you talk to your car and your phone without ever being distracted from the road.


People usually buy small cars as a utility vehicle, for efficient and convenient trips around the city, while not sacrificing the comfort and cost of driving a classy car. At 29 kmpl for the petrol variant, this car does just that by providing a zippy yet convenient and efficient way to drive your way through the city traffic. The diesel variant provides a mileage of about 20 kmpl in city conditions.

Overall, the sharp and classy features and efficient engine make compelling reasons for one to buy the Ford Fiesta. So go ahead, get the Fiesta and be the ‘Fiesta’! Get great deals on Ford Fiesta on

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