GM # 13- Forever green

Ooh!  I could not believe that it’s been 13 mondays since I started Green Monday Meme. I’m so happy because are numbers are getting higher.  I do hope that many blogs will be aware of our existence.  Do share them with your blogger friends and let us spread green to the world.


i just so love Mommy Willa's Green apple Sculpture

Our share for this week:

majestic mayon volcano

This picture was taken on one of hubby’s visit at Albay.

Want to grab it, check it out HERE! and don’t forget to leave some precious comments and enjoy visiting other green living entry.


Ways to Go Green at Work- Green Monday #14
Naya by Naturalizer


  1. Thanks for featuring me for the second time around. 🙂

  2. my post is not totally green but I have some greens in the pictures.

    the badge is under my blog hops page, thanks for hosting

  3. wow, the view of mayon volcano is simply breathtaking 😉
    glad to be posting my entry on time for a change..have a very green monday!

  4. Mars @ The Life Encounters says

    I joined using my travel blog sis! 🙂 It’s been ages since I last saw Mayon Volcano.

  5. been absent for the last two GMs, anways my entry is now up too (although a day late, hehe). Love the last snap, i couldn’t help but marvel on the beauty of Mayon, i just hope it perfect shape will not change despite of the eruptions happening every now and then.

    Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂 will do my rounds in a bit.

    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  6. Chie Wilks says

    ang cool ng share ni sis Willa. i wish to see this majestic cone of Mayon Volcano someday..

  7. sorry for the “lateness”…naihabol pa din^_^

  8. beautiful mayon volcano!!!

  9. ang ganda talaga ng Mayon Volcano! sana makita ko din yan someday.

  10. We used to pass by Albay on our way to Sorsogon when I was a child. It’s been years since I last saw Mayon Volcano but the view remains to be majestic until now. 🙂

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