Four Ways to Go Green with Your Small Business Starting Today

If you run a small business, then going green is not only important for looking after our planet and environment, but it can also help your brand to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. As an increasing number of people are changing their priorities about the environment and doing whatever they can to conserve resources and live greener lives, many are more likely to appreciate brands that hold to the same ideals and have the same overall goal of reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible. If you’d like to run a greener small business, read on for our top tips!

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#1. Encourage Your Customers:

When it comes to encouraging your customers to go green and creating a good example, your brand has more power than you may realize. For example, if you run a small stall or store, you could ask your customers to purchase reusable bags and bring them back each time they come to shop, rather than having plastic bags available for every customer. This can help to highlight the impact of using plastic bags on the environment, and encourage your customers to make more greener choices when shopping in the future – both with you and elsewhere! Check out these wholesale reusable bags that are perfect for small businesses.

#2. Reduce Paper Use:

Whilst digital communications are certainly more common today than they once were, unnecessary paper use is still a big problem for many of today’s businesses. From printing out unnecessary items to re-prints due to misspellings or mistakes that you might not have noticed when proof reading, there are several ways in which your small business may still be wasting too much paper. Instead, only print when there’s absolutely no other alternative, proof read several times, and use double-sided printer paper to keep your paper use to a minimum.

#3. Let Staff Work from Home:

Although this may not always be possible, for example in a retail setting, letting as many employees as possible work from home can help your business to reduce the amount of energy that it is using on a daily basis. Home-based employees won’t be running on your office’s electricity and gas, and therefore, you’ll require less resources to keep your base up and running. In addition, employees who have the option to work from home often report being happier, more satisfied, and more productive at work – win-win!

#4. Reward Good Habits:

Encouraging and rewarding good habits amongst your business employees is key to ensuring that everybody is working together towards the same green initiative. Don’t forget that it’s often the smaller actions, such as switching off lights, unplugging laptops once charged, and keeping doors and windows closed to trap heat inside that will save the largest amount of energy over time. You could also encourage employees to go greener right from leaving their home by starting a carpool program or encouraging them to walk, cycle, or take public transport to work instead of driving.

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