Fruit Snacks- A green healthy way to live a fuller life

Do you often had that guilty feeling of eating just anything.  Honestly, I’m the type of person who loves to eat cookies, french fries, chocolate, pizza  and lots and lots of carbohydrate.  Sometimes, i thought I have compulsive eating or what they called food addiction.  

That’s my main source of strength in time of stress and when I felt distressed, the only company I would love to have is food, food, food.  No, wonder why I get so big in just a span of 4 years after giving birth to my first child.

Now, after a thorough and deep reflection, I told myself that I needed to finally lose weight .  Eat moderately, less rice and carbohydrates and finally eat snacks that are healthy.   I take the big leap by saying no to chocolate and cookies and say yes to fruit snacks.

fitness fashion – healthy fruit snacks

Fruit snacks are indeed very good source of antioxidants and fiber.  You can buy some organic and fresh fruits in the market.  It’s also a great for those who are in a diet or someone who just wanted to live a green healthy life.

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