From Garden Shed to Home Office: Designs to Delight You

It takes great creativity to consider transforming a garden shed into a home office.  However, it takes minimal funds and effort to put thoughts to work.  While making exterior changes, mind the following designs for the inner décor.  Make going from garden shed to home office a delight, not a challenge.


In real estate, location is the keyword and focal point for those turning sheds into offices.  If your shed is movable, relocate to a yard location that gets a lot of sunlight.  Also, a shed, too far from the house for extension cords, poses problems for those in need of electricity for computers, copiers, etc.  Location was previously not an issue, but transformation may call for reconsideration.


Storing personal and client files onsite warrants added security.  Leaving laptops and expensive machinery inside makes thieves take interest, especially if windows allow them to peer in.

Get a heavy-duty lock for the door; use home security services for the office too; and, speak with an engineer, carpenter, or creative artist to transform a garden shed into something radically different.


Certified electricians help homeowners align cooling and heating systems with the office.  Addressing electrical needs is not a do-it-yourself project.  Otherwise, you’ll have to compensate for hot and cold weather in some alternative way.  50mm timber Venetian blinds keep workers cool and sunrays out, and add personality to a small office.

Standing and desktop fans circulate cool air in summer months, and adding insulation and carpeting keeps the shed warm in the winter.


Some think transforming a garden shed boosts property value by as much as 5%.  It’s another selling point for potential buyers and real estate agents to mention in listings.  Approach the change as an investment, even considering a loan.

Making larger investments now gets money back in the future.  Also, research tax websites and ask accountants about breaks provided to those devoting funds toward home offices.

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Take the opposite route of added investment, cutting corners during the transition.  Existing shelves can hold books, files, machinery, etc.  Use a stool rather than a comfortable chair; make a folding table serve as a desk; and, run an extension cord from the home for electricity.

Earn money into the night, burning low-cost candles and coupling your home’s Internet, working remotely in cafes, parks, and wherever there’s free WiFi in Australia.


You’re already in the garden; you might as well make the inner and outer décor look like it.  Arrange a bed of flowers on each side of the entrance or circling the office.  Grow a vegetable garden outside so you don’t have to leave the office to go to the kitchen.

Keeping flowers inside the shed offers a flowery bouquet.  Read about plants that provide powerful scents.  Taller plants placed by office windows help block the sun during humid afternoon hours.

Turning a shed to a home office is simple if you devote the time to premeditation.  Invest now to make more later, or find economical ways to complete the transformation.

Kobey Hennessy loves to take unusual ideas and make them his own, especially when it comes to home and office design. A passionate blogger, he then shares his unique perspective with readers on home design and decorating DIY blogs.

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