Globe Go Green – Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Globe Go Green Promo

Think Green, Live Green.  Globe joins many brands and company that promote green , eco-living ideas that can help our environment. If your a subscriber of Globe Philippines this is the best eco-friendly way to experience convenience once enrolled to their Paperless Billing:

Benefits such are:
• View your bills online anytime, anywhere
• Receive your bills sooner
• Easily download and save your bills in your computer
• Eliminate paper clutter as your bills will be sent via email and text
• Know that your billing information is secure because your bill is password protected
• Help the environment by saving trees and energy used for printing

The Promo is open to all consumer Globe Mobile Postpaid, Tattoo @Home/Mobile Broadband Postpaid, and Globe Landline Postpaid subscribers from September 22 to December 22, 2011.

Join now , Enroll your globe account now and get a chance to win one of the ten (10) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 winner and a chance to help our environment to have a more greener surroundings.


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  1. cressida cabero says

    save our planet!

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