Going Green starts with you

The decision of going green starts with you.  When you embrace the fact that our environment needs your help, that’s the time you will eventually realize that going green is something worthy and not just because it’s a cause that you usually see in televisions and other social media. It’s not like your favorite movie or song that you can just jump in with the bandwagon and join in with the fun. Being green just not stop with our thoughts but needed our actions to be able to live a more sustainable life that we all longed for.

Actually, going green is not a very hard thing to do and it is also not an instant transformation overnight.  It’s a lifelong process that you need to undertake to help our world a better place to live for our family and our generation to come.

There are many ways that we can practice going green, it starts with our own home;

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Conservation is very important, as they say, “ less is more”, the more we don’t do and less we used, we are saving.  It is sometimes confusing and I myself was confused on that idea when I heard it the first time but let’s face it, for example, you get to conserve when you walk to a nearby store/mall rather than using your car.  You save on your carbon footprints for not using gasoline and not emitting smoke and you get the chance to live a healthy life.

One way you can also go green is choosing eco-friendly appliances or gadget for you home.  Many companies have been offering appliances that reduce energy usage.

There are television, refrigerator, air-condition which are the basic appliances we need in our house that eco-friendly or has low energy use which can be a great savings for your electricity.

Of course, we are all aware of choosing CFL lights rather than the bulb, it saves a great deal of amount of money per year and the most important practice to conserve electricity usage and is to close lights that are not being used.  Remember to practice Earth hour each day.

Water is also very important.  Although the earth is composed of ¾ body of water, there are many countries that is suffering from water shortage.  We must remember that if we don’t do our part to conserve it now, there will come a day that water bill will be as high as our electricity bills.

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