Going solar can be very rewarding to your wallet

We all want to save money.  We spend thousands of hours every year searching for the best deals, cheapest solutions, and quickest ways to save money and pad our bottom line.  This has led to a variety of trends popping up over the years including electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, and even hydro power that has expanded its horizons beyond the average Hoover Dam strategy.  However, are these energy initiatives really saving us any money?

Solar Energy has leapt up over 48% in the past year alone

When it comes to trends in energy, Solar energy has to be the most talked about avenue at this time.  With China and the United States both making huge strides towards alternative energy sources, the rest of the world is really taking notice.  After all, if two “super powers” are finding benefits in such conversion, then clearly they should find something great in the process as well, right?

At this time there are over 300 GW recorded around the world for solar initiatives, and more installations being done every day.  In the past year alone the world has seen a jump in usage that tops 70 GW, which is quite impressive.  But why is everyone jumping on the solar bandwagon?  Is it a solid choice, or just another trend that will die in time?

Solar is clean and reliable

Ok, so if the sun isn’t shining at peak performance, you’re certainly not going to get quite as much production from your solar panels.  However, that does not mean they aren’t working.  It simply means there is not quite as much direct and powerful light being directed to them at that time.  There is, however, still light.  If there weren’t, you would not be able to see where you were walking.

We can certainly rely on the sun, as we see the effects of its rays, even when there is cloud cover.  The fact that this is a great form of clean energy leaves us feeling a bit better about the carbon footprint we’re leaving on the Earth.  Sure, our feet may be small, but every clean step is a great step towards a brighter and cleaner future.

Solar panels are gaining great reviews from several different manufacturers

The production of solar panels has changed over time, making them sturdier, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever.  Check out the feedback on some of the great informational markets out there.  There are plenty of reviews you can trust on Solarcity, as well as many other avenues.  By studying plenty of feedback, you get a better overall image of what a conversion to solar power can do for you and for your wallet.

No matter what system you choose or how large or small your operation, it is a simple fact that converting to solar power is THE trend of the year.  The lean towards cleaner, more viable resources for energy is one that is not likely to slow down any time soon and it is time for us to merge into traffic and see where this energy highway can take us, our Earth, and our pocketbooks.

Despite Trend Towards Solar, Consumers Need to be Realistic

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