Good or Villain: Girls Maleficent Costume

Every girls know the story of Sleeping Beauty but honestly, Princess Aurora doesn’t register much in my thoughts until I was old enough to understand that she was in fact Sleeping Beauty.

The cruel and bad witch on Sleeping Beauty is indeed a timeless character depicting someone that can bring fear until the movie  Maleficent come along.  The usual cruel witch with black robe with violet cape, green skinned with matching ugly staff is now beaming with beauty as famous Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie portray it in the recent Maleficent Movie.

We learned a different story and yes although there’s the hate feeling, many see Maleficent as a pity woman, who seeks for love and find only betrayal thus revenge resides in her heart.   From then, many Girls Maleficent Costume came into the market .  There are many stores that offers this deluxe christening costume but Birthday in a Box offers an affordable price among its competitor shops.


We got the staff and headdress last year but we were not able to get a costume because of it’s popularity. I bet, my daughter would be shining this year with her maleficent costume.

 She might not look as elegant as Angelina Jolie but she will definitely rock and look fierce with her new maleficent costume.

Learn more about Maleficent via their Official Twitter Account

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  1. its amazing to note on the influence of Malifecent to many…its cute though…

  2. I think we are now more inclined to see a person as someone who is a product of their experiences and not just mere villains. Maleficent is much more than just an evil villain.

  3. I can’t wait to see your daughter in a maleficent costume! 🙂

  4. I am very sure your daughter will rock the malifecent costume. I haven’t watched the movie yet due to my time constraint but will definitely watch it one of these days.

  5. Maleficent is more popular than Aurora now. Thanks to the movie. And anything that Angelina Jolie touches, it turns to gold, including the costume she wore for the movie.

  6. this is actually of the costumes that wll help kid stand out.

  7. When i judged a halloween costume contest just last 2014, it was the kid who wore Maleficent that won!

  8. Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain! It’s cool that they offer it at a much lesser price.

  9. She can be all she wants to be. It’s possible.

  10. Lucky Daughter. And who will be Diaval?

  11. That’s a unique costume to choose from, but super cool! I’m sure your daughter looks nice in it!

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