Google’s Origami Tribute to Akira Yoshizawa

Akira Yoshizawa, the famous and considered as the grand master and father of Origami was born on March 14, 1911 and Google gave their tribute through the work of another foremost origami artist and theorist in the world, Robert J. Lang.  Lang was an American Physicist who has been a long student of the mathematics of origami which he studies using the computer.

origami google

While on the other hand Yoshizawa was credited for his work on making origami from craft to a living art.  On 1989 he told that he had made a rough estimate of 50,000 models which among the hundred designs of this can be seen in his 18 books.

He pioneered many technique including the well known wet-folding .  In 1998 , his origami exhibitions was hailed as the greatest origami exhibition ever staged.  He died on March 14, 2005.  (Don’t you think, it’s very ironic that he was born and died on the same date).

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