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Getting back to school may seem a lot of work for mothers especially with all the things needed to prepare for their children and new stuff that you need to buy. It’s also the perfect time of the year to do our share to help our mother earth on buying things that are eco-friendly and organic and natural foods for our children meal boxes.

There are many ways that you can save money, take into consideration the 3R, recycle, reduce and re-use , check out things that are not used from last school year.  Compile unused sheets from previous notebooks and create them into a new one. Make sure to have a checklist before going to the store as to avoid unnecessary or incorrect purchases. Choose and buy wisely keeping in mind your real purpose.

This is also a great opportunities for you to make wise green responsible choices and buying school supplies that are eco-friendly or made from renewable sources

Here are some green school supplies items from Ultimate Green Store to get you started;

An upcycled backpack for your kid.


“Help reduce landfill wastes in a fun and fashionable way! Each year, billions of used drink pouches fill dumpsters and landfills across the United States and are unable to be recycled. TerraCycle is an industrial waste management company that has launched a campaign to collect these used juice pouches and remake them into new products – a process called ‘upcycling.’

This upcycled bag is created using waste drink pouches that can’t be recycled.  I have seen many bags like this before and actually bought a wallet created from this material which i gave to a friend for her birthday. I love the idea of re-using and re-creating something.

Another worth buying is this Prang Soybean blend Biodegradable crayons that is safe and non toxic is a great alternative from popular crayons that are made from conventional petroleum based paraffin wax crayons.

ultimate green store soy based crayons

Glue stick is the most used school supplies in my kid’s things.  And this Coccoina non toxic glue stick is a great alternative.  Honestly, i never heard of this before since we have been using a very popular brand which i would no longer mention.  This non toxic glue stick is safe from the environment and far more important, it’s safe for your kids and did you know that it has a sweet almond scent too which is very tempting to eat.

And last but not the least, this multi purpose banana paper from Eco Paper is definitely a great catch.  For printing projects and even for school and office needs, this recycled bond paper is indeed something worth having.


Check the above school supplies among other eco-friendly materials from the one stop green shopping destination. The Ultimate Green Store offers a wide range of eco-friendly and organic products to choose from.

Now, here’s a great thing, The Ultimate Green Store is very generous to offer one of my readers a e- gift card that you can use to choose your favorite stuff from their sites. The mechanics are very simple and you only have one mandatory requirement and the rest are optional but the more you do, the better chance of winning.  So, Goodluck and have a Green Back to School fun time.

This site is not responsible for the prize fulfillment.  Open to US residents only, 18 years above.  This is in no way connected to any other social media, FB, Twitter and Pinterest.  For questions, feel free to leave a message and will answer them on the best of my knowledge.  But if you are not joining the giveaway , you could also avail a special discount by using the code, MYGREENLIVINGIDEAS upon your purchase on the store.

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  1. I would purchase a lunch bag since I am in want of a new one.

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