Green Beauty – Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone

Since, i have been gearing to a new fresher me this year,  I thought i really need to get a set of make up tools for my beauty review.  Currently, i have been using local brand synthetic brushes but they are not really reliable and easy to break. As an eco-mom, i thought if i should buy something, I am still able to live up with my advocacy and my passion to help our environment.  Alicia Silverstone, a famous 80’s actress (i so remember her) was a well known for her vegan lifestyle,  so it is no doubt that even with the products she uses, it could be natural or eco-friendly.

This  set of eco brushes was favored by Alicia simply for a fresh complexion, rosy glow, and clean, natural look.

On the same product, there are also tips from Alicia’s how to achieve a  natural look!

The brushes feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and incredibly soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles something that helps our earth and the bag is made from  is made with natural hemp and cotton, has a recycled PET lining, and the hangtag is printed on tree-free stone paper.

Sold at 15.99 without the shipping fee, this set includes:

  • Blush Brush
  • Mini Foundation Brush
  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Detailed Eye Shading Brush
  • Spoolie Brush

Something worth really buying don’t you think?  I would really love to have one and my only problem is to find a US based friend who can ship that from there to here.  By the way, you can get them at Eco Tools.


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  1. I have a bunch of Eco tools. They are great inexpensive makeup brushes. I bought these for my step daughter too so she would have good natural makeup brushes!

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