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organic skin care products from vanilla and co.


Curious about this latest beauty and skin care products from   Vanilla & Co., I thought it would be so nice to try their products.  If you love your skin, this cruelty free, composed of all natural products skin care is definitely a great find. Proudly homemade and handmade with love and care, these all natural products has many benefits not just for our body but also contributing to a safer environment.

Come to think of it, your well loved skin care products may contain the worst and toxic chemicals and applying them to your skin can lead to problems. So, when I buy a certain products, I don’t usually go for the brand name or popularity of the products but with the contents and ingredients of such.   That’s why, if given a chance, I always prefer natural and organic products.   Your beauty products is not just something that can make you beautiful but also minding health benefits.

Some of their products are;

Pure Shea and Cocoa Whipped Buttercream

body cream

Known for the many benefits of Shea butter, this whipped cream is loaded with organic African Shea Butter that came from the hands of African Women who passes the standards of Fair Trade.  (you can back read on my post about Fair Trade ), this shea butter is not just  soothing, restorative and regenerative but also a great help with those suffering skin ailments like  blemishes, sunburns and eczema. I love the consistency of the cream and the mild scent of the vanilla make it more appealing.  Massage them on your skin after a relaxing bath or before going to bed to make your sleep more relaxing.  Reveals a smooth skin even after applying them and the smell lasts for a while leaving your skin subtle and ooh so fresh.


Goats Milk Vanilla Whitening Scrub

Another favorite of mine,  I have already finished half of this and it was totally addicting.  I have been using a different brand of goat’s milk scrub but what I love more about this is the scent and the fact that the salt that was used came from Dead Sea which is known for it’s great beauty benefits.


You never knew when you need a fresh and relaxing feeling.  These moisturizing hair and body mist can works wonder and can be used both on your body and hair. So, you don’t need a separate products that can even cost thousands of pesos. It’s a green beauty regimen that you don’t want to missed.

perfume The smell is so sweet with strawberry and green tea combined on this body mist.     You can use them, anytime , anywhere you feel like you need to refresh and recharge. It’s safe for your skin and hair since the ingredients used are all natural, indeed perfect for green beauty.

You can read my Beauty Tonic review on this page and let me know what you think too.

Here are some reasons for you to get Vanilla & Co skin care products

  1. All natural products
  2. Handmade and homemade
  3. Keeps your skin subtle and smooth
  4. Affordable prices
  5. Friendly and easy online shopping

So, what are you waiting for.  If you are not yet convinced on what I have cited above, try them now.  Like their facebook page now for the latest update.

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  1. yes, you’re right.. we should embrace products that are not only safe for us to use but also environment-friendly 🙂

  2. Shea and Cocoa butter cream must be effective. I used a cream with shea and cocoa when I was pregnant and I never got any stretch mark.

  3. whoah! anti-wrinkle treatment? well, I will be needing that product as soon as possible.

  4. I love She Butter! They moisturize the skin and keep it soft.

  5. I have always used Shea Butter! So nice for the skin, with no harmful chemicals. Plus, the Fair Trade is so important, thanks for a great post!

  6. Robin Wilson says

    The hair and body mist sounds wonderful. I love their vintage looking packaging!

  7. Seny Wilson says

    I love homemade products, especially if it’s all natural. The Shea and cocoa whipped butter cream looks enticing! I love it’s consistency.

  8. anything that has Shea, I am in 🙂 I like that ingredients 🙂 and Vanilla too the best combo ever 🙂

  9. These all sound so good, especially the Pure Shea and cocoa whipped buttercream!

  10. Nice to learn of a small, caring company! Great sounding products!

  11. Alison Gibb says

    This skin care line sounds great! I like that it is all natural!


  13. Ashley Costanzo says

    These sound like excellent products. Can’t wait to try!

  14. Jill A. Collins says

    You’ve picked two of my favorites in beauty care to review – goat’s milk based products and vanilla scented. These sound like super good quality and I would certainly give them a try!

  15. These sound just delightful. Thank you for your candid review.

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