Green Crafts for Kids – Creating Memory Box

Kids love crafts, that’s one fact that every mother would understand.  My kid also loves to create new things from her growing ideas but of course, they still needs the help of mother like us to give them insight on how to have a more greener life and greener earth by making and choosing to use what i have called green crafts.

One of our recent project is the “Memory box” which i told my daughter to put all her favorite things so it can be kept on safety and in one place only.  My daughter was very excited to know what we will be doing and yes, this is the best time to show to her and help her realize the importance of living a greener life.

Out of her old shoe box, we decided to create the cover of her memory box using our old magazine pages which are already loose.

memory/treasure box

Encouraging your child to join this project is a nice move for them to learn how to be green but also it is always a safe mood to check out their work and help them along the way when they are doing  projects which involves the use of sharp object.

Things Needed:

Old box

Old magazine pages



old accessories like lace or ribbon

glue stick and glue gun

Peachy’s Treasure Box


Cover the boxes with the old magazine pages using paste or glue stick

Using the glue gun with glue stick, create a simple decoration on top of your box.

Time Consumed:

Less than 30 minutes

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  1. Nice, I used to create memory boxes too. 🙂 And I miss doing it now. 🙂

  2. Jessica Cassidy says

    what a great green project 🙂 your daughter is a cutie Sis 🙂 Please can you delete entry #5 Sis 🙂 Thank you for hosting the Green Monday

  3. She looks so beautiful in her green dress Sis
    🙂 Dropping by from BPC

  4. I’m back! :)Thanks for reminding me to join again.

  5. nice one! i don’t remember making any memory box. i do have a lot of “memory notebooks” though… hehehe… bpc hop here.

  6. This is really a great idea and fun too. I made a memory box for my son before out of an old shoe box. Great way to recycle boxes! There are so many things you can do with boxes, you just got to let go of your creativity! Such a pretty girl you have there and a pretty memory box!

  7. That is a nice craft to make with our kids as helpers! I love the little lady’s smile! 🙂

    BPC hop!

  8. wow love it! that is so pretty. thanks for joining BPC!

  9. wow, that is very creative of your kids! thanks for sharing and for joining WW!

  10. What a sweet project that’s organized into a box of treasures to create something fun.

  11. Sandy Cain says

    This is so sweet. I’m going to send this to my daughter for my grandkids. We used to make memory boxes, too, and with every change of the season, we made memory collages and hung them up. I miss those gentle days.

  12. Sue Hull says

    That’s such a great idea. I have 2 neices ages 5 & 9 who love to do crafts. It would be nice for them to each have a place for their own special things.I think it’s important to teach them to be more green.I know if we all do our part earth will get healthier. Thank you for the review 🙂

  13. Brilliant! We love crafts, and we love being green, so this is right up our alley.
    Thanks for the great photos!

  14. Robin Wilson says

    I think this is a wonderful idea and my niece is almost the perfect age to start one of these. Actually, a couple of them, one for home and one for my house. I think it would be great fun. It’s been a couple of years since this post, wonder what your daughter collected! 🙂

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