Green Decorating ideas for Special Events

Everyone loves parties! There is such fun in being able to meet with friends and bond for a few hours while enjoying good food, music, entertainment and a spectacular venue.

You get to meet new friends along the way in the events that you attend to.  However, organizing a party is not as easy as you think. Even with or without a party organizer to do the job for you, there are still many things to consider in throwing a party.  Decorations are one of the biggest aspects to be taken cared of when having events and parties.

There are many unique and fun ideas you can choose from to make your party as fun and as spectacular event without necessarily hurting your budget. Green and nature inspired decorations can be your go to option since this is becoming a favorite theme for events and occasions. Here are some green decorating ideas you can have for your next event or party.


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1. Flowers

Nothing comes close to nature but flowers. This time go for flowers that are commonly found in your garden. You do not necessarily have to buy expensive roses and tulips to keep the theme of your event nature inspired. You can even use baby’s breath and big leaves to decorate your “ordinary flowers” to make them look extra ordinary.

2. Tea lights

When you are having your event at night, nothing beats the illumination and effect that tea lights bring into your venue. You can simply decorate your tables and several areas in your venue with dazzling tea lights that brings a distinct look into the atmosphere. You can even go for scented ones for that total green and organic vibe. Tea lights are indeed one best event decoration.

3. Wooden centerpieces

Shy away from the usual flower vases as center pieces for your table settings. You can opt to have drift wood or dried roots or tree twigs and trunks as decorative pieces for your table setting. You can add silver balls as details for your centerpieces to make your look even more elegant.

4. Wooden cutlery

Instead of the usual wine glass or typical cups that you use, you can opt for wooden mugs and drinking glasses as well as with your utensils. It will save you from having to worry on breaking your expensive porcelain items as well, plus the conversation starter that your party will surely have.

5. Leaves

Gather big leaves and use them as place cards or simply decoration for your chairs and tables. It doesn’t cost anything at all and you can easily dispose it later without the guilt feeling of damaging the environment. Your party can still be classy, elegant and fun with your nature inspired decorations for your special events and parties. With this simple close to nature ideas, your parties will be green and a sure fire hit.

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