Green Baby

It’s a beginning of another week.  I do hope that everyone had a wonderful weekends.  Exactly one week from now, i will be going back to my day job.  Many things will change and even though i want to spend  the rest of my day with my little darlings, we need to earn money for a living so we give them not just food but shelter and other necessity.

That is why every moment shared with them was kept in my memory bank and it will always be cherished.


From Tina of Goodies for man and cat

I so love her cucumber. hmm!

Now for this week, i wanted to share with you this recent picture of our

little darling.  He just turned 2 months old yesterday! His indeed a green baby.

many faces of goldritz

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  1. Look at those chubby cheeks!

  2. Your baby is very sweet! And thank you sooo much, for choosing my recipe. :)))) LG Tina

  3. ang sarap kagatin ang cheeks ni baby.. hehe

  4. sarap pisilin ng cheeks, big for his age ha.

    have two “gree” entries today, #20 and #21 ^_^

    Good luck on the job.

  5. just got back here.. =)

  6. ayyy ka cute ni baby in green.) my entry is up too sissy:)

  7. ang cute cute naman ni baby! perfect family na talaga kayo sis kasi may baby boy na hehehe! 🙂

  8. saw this cute picture from your other blog, ang cute cute talaga! 😉

  9. They are so cute in that age. 🙂 Cute chubby cheeks.

  10. time flies really fast. parang kailan ka lang nanganak pero 2 months na pala agad ang lumipas. ang lusog ni baby and I love his shirt.

  11. my, goldritz has grown so big in just a few weeks 🙂 i hope he enjoys the inflatable pool you won sis 😉
    glad that i was able to finish my post before the linky closes!
    have a great weekend!

  12. cute little baby ritz!!!
    so chubby… : )

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