Dreaming of a Green Christmas- GM # 39

I’m not in the comfort of my own home as of now but soothing my mind for a while to forget my worries and troubles or just as you call them, running from your true world.

Lately, my life was not in a good shape, things are falling into pieces and I am having the worst time of my days but still I am happy that my children and my family are well and I can still sleep even with big problems in my mind, thanks to my husband who has been very supportive to me, if without them, i might end up not knowing what to do.

Now, that Christmas is fast approaching, i don’t know if I can able to celebrate it considering the problems I am facing right now but still, I am dreaming that I can have a greener christmas, full of good living ideas and happiness in my heart after all, that’s the real essence of Christmas, giving and forgiving.

And as a way of saying thank you to my fellow readers.  I am rewarding my readers a beautiful , Think Green, Live Green  pouch/cosmetic bag.  This is XL size, so it means, you can able to put your favorite things on it. 

Think Green Live Green

Mechanics will soon to follow.  This is open for all Philippine residents only! Enjoy a Green Christmas and Live a Greener Life.

P.S.  Will visit your green ideas (entries) this week.  Thanks again for sharing!

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  1. Hoping all your problems will pass. Advance Merry Christmas!
    My first time to join here. I’m a new follower 🙂

  2. hi..i’ve ssen you at the bum event…i’m the one in front of your sit….nahiya lang akong batiin ka…your pretty! 🙂

  3. we all have problems in life..but am sure malalampasan mo rin yan sis…it’s always good to have family and friends around who will comfort and support you at all times…just hang in there!

    ganda naman nitong cosmetic bag…I love the design and color…so chic!

  4. Hope you’ll be okay soon…. Praying for you sis…

    Joining green meme

  5. your a strong girl naman, im sure nothing in life will ever defeat you ‘super girl’ especially when your family is there to support and love you.
    so erase all worries..enjoy life..

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