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Our featured eco-mom for the week is a work at home mom from Bohol who had just given birth to a an adorable boy we all know her as Pinx.  It’s always our desire to visit Bohol and hope we can in the near future and meeting Sis Hazel would be very interesting.  Here, she talked about her share on green living.

Ria:  Good day Sis Hazel,  can you tell us why are you passionate on being green?

Hazel: I am passionate on being green because I still want to let my children see the beauty of the Earth.

Ria:  What have you done to help spread Green Ideas? What are some examples of steps you have taken to go green?

Hazel: I believe in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Ria: Why is Living Green Important to you/and your family?

Hazel: It is important for my family to be living green because the Earth is the only place we have to live in, if we don’t preserve it, there is no replacement for it.

Ria: What Ideas, tips or advice do you have for other moms trying to do their part in going Green?

Hazel:Use eco-friendly bags, use baskets when doing the grocery in the market.

Ria: Do you still have something to add or any suggestions?

Hazel:  Its nice to have  some giveaways that will promote eco-friendly living.

Ria:  Yes, you got it right sis.  I have a current SM Eco-bag ang gift card giveaway, i do hope you can join too.

Hazel:  Thanks.

Thank you so much Mommy Pinx for giving a chance to feature you in this site.  We believe that every mom and dad has their own ways of living green and by sharing this to others is the first step to make our world a better place to live in.  Visit her at Pink Memoirs to learn more about her.

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