Green Garden – GM #25

I always wanted to have a beautiful garden or even just a small space in our house with plants and flowers.  That is why when I see one, i could not help myself but to take a good look at it and wished that i will have one too!

Having plants in your house can create a good atmosphere and gives clean breathing space because of the good oxygen that it provides us.  But of course, the main purpose is to beautify one area.

green garden

Yesterday, I attended the wedding of our (wedding) God parents.  It’s their silver wedding anniversary and they came home from Bahamas to celebrate their anniversary and renew their vows through a church wedding.

me in green with my God Mother (Bride)

I hope and pray that we will be as strong as them when hubby and I celebrates our silver wedding 🙂

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  1. I so love those bonzai plants….:) pretty nang dress mo sis….bagay sau!

  2. a single indoor plant can cast a magic even in an empty space.

    congrats to the blushing bride (how sweet to be married again^_^ )

  3. I love green gardens too. It’s just sad that we don’t have space for one. You’re gorgeous in your dress.

  4. having a green garden is really relaxing.. i wish to have it too

  5. I love both your smiles, Sis. So contagious 🙂 And oh! The bonsai made me wish I have enough space in my pad for plants. I have to find a way. 😉

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