Green and Health Benefits of Getting on Your Bike

Previously, we have talked a lot about green living and tips for living a greener life, but what we haven’t written about yet are the benefits of cycling. Not only is it greener for the environment, with its lack of fuel emissions as opposed to cars, but it will also keep more money in your wallet. By spending a little more time on a commute (or less time if you live in a cycle friendly city), you can save money, save the earth, and possibly even save your health. There are many benefits to cycling.

It Just Works!

Getting on your bike instead of going to gym can fit your schedule and save you stress. By getting the bike out of the garage instead of driving, you are fitting an aerobic workout into your day without having to take extra time to plan time to work out, or go to the gym. Plan a few extra minutes into your commute to work, or to do your errands on your bike, and your workout for the day is already done.

Maybe you have given up trying to fix exercise into your day. Adding a cardiovascular workout to your daily routine is possibly the single best thing you can do for your health today. It’s easier on your joints than running, and also builds muscle. In addition, being outside in the fresh air is better for your mental health than is a stuffy gym.


Your Mental Wellness

Speaking of mental health, adding an aerobic workout to your day is proven to reduce stress. Spending time outside will lift your mood, the physical workout will reduce stress and anxiety, and you will most likely sleep better at night, making you more rested and ready to take on the day.

Regular cycling can also reduce your risk of heart disease by up to a half. If it is work you are biking to, you are going to be more productive and motivated throughout the entire day. Also, when you are spending less money on petrol, you will have a few more pennies in your pocket to treat yourself. More money in your wallet means less financial stress as well.

The Responsible Choice for Society

Not only are you helping yourself, you are helping society. You are reducing the number of cars on the road, which makes traffic lighter for car commuters. You are reducing your carbon footprint by foregoing car travel and the carbon emissions it produces. You are setting an example for sustainable transport in our changing society.

More and more people are switching from car travel to walking, cycling, and taking advantage of public transportation. Cities have begun to take alternative methods of travel into consideration when planning. Initiatives, like Cycle2Work in the UK, are showing how individuals can make savings from Cycle2Work, whilst doing so much good for themselves and for society. Be part of the positive change and switch to Your bike.

As a final thought, this is something you can do with others. Peddle power fun is a great social activity. Roll the roads and tracks with friends, your significant other, and your family. Studies show that physical activity brings people together. Help yourself, help the environment, and help your friends. The only downside to all this is that you didn’t make it a habit and start benefiting sooner!

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