Green Home: Fagor America 2X Induction Set Review

I love to cook.  Although, I’m not the best cook I’m confident enough that the food I serve is not just delicious but also healthy for my family.  Although recently,  i rarely got the chance to cook my favorite dishes because of my busy schedule.


So, imagine my happiness when Fagor America agreed for me to review one of their portable induction.  The Fagor 2x Induction set is a perfect cooking appliance for busy mom like me.  This induction is the latest addition on their portable set of induction stove and has an improved features from the last one.

Features includes;


The cooktop comes equipped with 8 power levels. Each power level has a corresponding Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature. Increased temperature range up to 465°F with 1800 watts of power!

The power levels are easy to use but of course you can always look in the manual so you’ll learn how to operate. One important features of this cooking top is that the surface remains cool and no open flames , smoke or gas emissions that can be seen. Since it remains cool, you don’t need to worry in case you or your little kids accidentally touch the stove.  It has an automatic safety shut off feature and child safety lock too so less worries if you have small little boy like my baby who loves to explore things. Another features that i like on this stove is it’s automatic shut off feature which will turn your unit off if  no cookware is detected.

One of the features that I look into buying cooking stove is the efficiency or way of how it cooks.

The 2X utilizes 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% used by other cooking methods. The cooktop recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, saving you energy and money.

One of the very easy to cook dishes is egg. My second child loves egg so much that he will often request for me to cook it.


I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to keep note on how fast was the cooking time but one thing is certain, this product definitely rocks and make busy mom’s life easy. The induction stove is very light , so you can just bring it everywhere in the house where you feel like cooking as long as you have available electric socket.


The Fagor 2X Induction also comes with an induction ready aluminum skillet so you can immediately try them upon buying it.  The induction ready base allows this skillet to be used on all induction cooking surfaces.  The Fagor America 2x Induction is sold for a reasonable price of $139.00.

Now, I’m thinking what to cook next?  Learn more about fagor America 2x Induction set and it’s features by visiting Fagor America’s website or follow them in Facebook for the latest updates.

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  1. Interesting – I didn’t know what an induction was before reading this post! Sounds like a useful cooking tool.

  2. How cool is that! Looks like a great tool to bring to a KOA cabin, which only has a microwave.

  3. Interesting. I’ve never seen anything like this. I know there are times that I”m cooking like a madwoman and I could use an extra burner.

  4. Jenna Wood says

    I have been wanting a portable induction cooktop for a while- it is on my holiday list for sure!

  5. This looks like an awesome find!

  6. That’s such an awesome set, I’d love to get my hands on those.

  7. I seriously NEED this! My husband wants to get a pop-up camper and drive all over the country going to cool vacation spots. I keep thinking, how will I cook dinner? Problem solved!

  8. This is super cool. I need to get one.

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