Green Home: Many benefits of Bamboo

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This picture has been here since last year and yes, I have totally forgotten about it but reading all about the eco- benefits of bamboo and how it become an eco-friendly material, i have remembered this picture and you know what happened next.

Bamboo has many help and a great benefits for many people.  It’s origin was dated for centuries.  Since, it’s sturdy and strong, bamboo is great for furniture just like the above picture.

Honestly, i was really curious how it feels to sit on something like this and it’s really relaxing and in the same time you can feel that it’s massaging you.  I love the idea on how this was done because what i see are just the simple sofa set.

So, does it become eco-friendly ?

Because a one bamboo adult tree will be mature on around 5 years but a other trees usually mature on around 10 to 15 years ,meaning you need to wait for that time to be able to have another tree when you cut them now.

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Bamboo produces a great deal of oxygen and since it grows on climates such ours, it’s very easy to find bamboo trees here that we can use to create such beautiful pieces of accessories or furniture.

Furnitures made from bamboo are easy to process because it doesn’t need many processing or cycles to have it done and since cutting big tress are now being prohibited on some areas, bamboo are a great alternative.  It also looks good on your home and very comfortable.  Another thing is it’s more affordable rather than the usual furniture that was made from other tree like molave or narra.

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