Green Ideas : Best Indoor Plants for the Office

The office may be a place of business or work but adding up a few interesting colors and breathers will definitely increase the creativity and potential of each and every employee. It can also create a very conducive atmosphere that can help in the efficiently and positive output of every member of the company. A few splashes of natural colors here and there can actually change the overall look and vibe of any office.

Here is a shortlist of plants that would look great in an office setting.

  1. Cactus

This plant is one of the most unique yet easy to maintain plants you can keep at the office. There are several types of cactus and the ones that can fit at the palm of your hand are perfect decoration for your tables in the office. The good thing about this plant is that it requires less or no maintenance at all. Just be sure to keep it exposed to the sunlight every now and then to maintain its vibrant and lively glow.

  1. Spider Plants

This cool plant can be easily hanged somewhere in the pantry of your office or at the open windows in your area. Stick it up somewhere high for everyone to enjoy. This plant is also easy to maintain and can grow indoors. You can also¬†visit the Gaddy’s website for the best indoor plants¬†that can make any office beautiful and near to nature.

  1. Peace Lilies

The good thing about this plant besides being aesthetically good looking is that it helps in cleaning up the air and pollutants in the area. You can place this in the canteen, pantry or near the smoking area. It can tolerate low light better compared to other plants and can go on without being watered for several days.

  1. English Ivy

These hanging plants would look great inside the comfort rooms in the office. The plant helps in reducing molds by absorbing the moisture in the air. They can live and survive with little to no light and looks great when hanged in a basket.

  1. Boston Ferns

This type of plants requires moist soil and sunlight so you can place them by the door or along stairwells and stair cases. It can provide that nice and accommodating feel for visitors going into your office.

Whatever plants you choose for your office can create not just a vibrant addition to the aesthetic view but it can also keep you near to nature.

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  1. BerkeleyHapa says

    Spider plants help keep the air clean, so I try to keep lots of those around. I have some cacti too, but sometimes they attack!

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