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When we talked about going green, the first thing that comes to our mind is that eco-friendly products are those products that are safe for our environment but it is not necessarily organic products. At first, I was confused about this thought but further studies and researching, I’ve learned that there is a difference between an organic product and those of eco-friendly. It doesn’t apply that eco-friendly products are organically made or created which means these products has little effect or no effect at all with our environment. Organic products are indeed eco-friendly but not all eco-friendly products are organic, I hope you won’t be confused with that idea.

100% organic

Organic products are those who created or produced without toxins or using methods that do not use modern synthetic pesticides or chemicals or growth enhancers. These products are set to have qualities to produce a product that keeps the environment in mind and heart.

To be certified as organic product, farmers, processors or distributors of the product should records the practices and procedures they have undergone for verification and authentication. In our country, the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP)  is the one who manages and give certification for farmers, distributors and processors and checked whether they passed the standard and regulations to ensure that those organic claimed products or produced are indeed done according to the principles set for organic farming. These are done to ensure that consumers will not be mislead and had the assurances that those products are indeed certified organics.

On other hand, Eco-friendly products may have low toxins or chemicals was used moderately, taking into consideration the impact it can provide the environment. These products includes laundry detergent, cosmetics and skin care products which was branded as eco-friendly.

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  1. We have started to transition our household to organic years ago. The transition is still ongoing because going green can really be more expensive that consuming traditional products.

  2. I am not confused anymore. Thanks to you;) kala ko kasi the same lang sila.

  3. Thanks to your post, I now understand how organic products are categorized as such.

  4. I always look for organic products at the supermarket even though they are quite pricey, at least I am sure that they contain less or no toxins at all.

  5. Oh, I thought organic and eco-friendly mean one and the same thing. Now I know better because of your informative post. Thanks!

  6. I love to use eco-friendly products especially for the body. Also the eco bags for shopping.

  7. I was also amused or rather educated when I asked what organic products are.. apparently, it takes a lot of time before a product can be said or certified an organic product.


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