Green Living : Holiday Green Gift Ideas for Eco-Mom

It’s the time of the year that giving gifts become meaningful, for the receiver as well as the giver especially if we always think beyond the box.  There are many gifts that you can give to your friends and love one this yuletide season that can be memorable to them as well can help our environment.

Eco-friendly products or products that benefits our environment comes in very interesting way and you even get the satisfying feeling of being able to help a good cause and eco-fab as well.

Here are some of my fave products that i have tried and tested.  I’m not encouraging you to buy them but checking them out would really be nice. When buying a gift for your love one, make sure that you are giving something that they can be used or will actually used and not just for the sake of having a gift to give them.  Buying from thrifty stores and local supplier would be beneficial and more sustainable.

Smart Eco-mom loves eco-chic bags

Bags Go

A bag you can used for your everyday needs, for shopping and grocery time, this one would really comes in handy.  It’s small and easy to place inside your bag and most of all easy to clean too.

Eco-chic Fashion for Eco-Fab Mom


Wooden watches is really cool and could be used just everyday.  Although, it’s quite big on my wrist, I so love to wear them because it reminds me to be more closer to nature.

Organic cotton, sustainable products and eco-friendly products is Yala Design’s specialty.  So, if you are looking for a nice household gift for your friend or family as well, browse their site and you can find one that your looking for.

Eco-Mom loves Eco-Fit

For eco-moms who loves on getting fit or just wanting to enjoy the beauty of scenery,  this eco-friendly shoes is something to look forward.

sneakers 2

and since we both know that moms has the most exciting job of all, rearing our children and making sure that they always get the best that sometimes we tend to neglect our own self .  Make sure to pamper yourself once in a while, even at the comfort of our own home or while watching our fave television series. This beauty wonder can rejuvenate your skin  and make you feel and look young again. Happy Holiday to all and hope you are having the great time of your life. Make sure to check out this holiday green gift ideas.  Happy Green Monday to all!

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