Green Living – Saving energy, saving money

We have learned the benefits of living a greener life by saving energy in our home, office or school. I wanted to share with you this simple idea that I have read from the internet.  It’s a very simple way but we tend to disregard it for some reason or maybe we really don’t know it at all.

Your home electronics consume a lot of electricity when it was turned on.   Just not that, when our electronics were altogether working at the same time, our electricity bill will surely rank up too.  But did you know that electronics and computer equipment that goes into stand-by or idle is still consuming electricity even after you turned them off.

You are still consuming energy when a cell phone chargers are plugged into the socket even when your cellphone is not there already.

When you used your VCR with a remote control, it continues to consume energy when it’s at standby or sleep mode because the power is still on ,

When you let your computer on a standby mode ( which i particularly do when i went away from my computer or a long time .

stand by mode

This stand by or waste energy can add at least 20% of your  home’s electricity and that means additional payment or increase on your electricity bill. So, the next time you leave your electronics on standby mode, think again and don’t forget that i advise you so, let’s live a more green living.

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