Green Living and Sustainable Design for your Homes

Nowadays, we really need to integrate green ideas in everything that we do. The more we integrate these things into our lives, the better are the chances of saving our environment from being completely destroyed.

Designers, architects and engineers are now introducing innovations in creating homes and buildings, this are often called sustainable design. These changes and improvements are mostly nature inspired. Here are some of the current trends in green homes and sustainable buildings nowadays.

1. Window designs are becoming bigger than they were before. Doing so will allow more natural light and air to enter our homes, thus decreasing electricity consumption.

2. Green roofs are slowly being introduced to the housing market. Instead of the usual roofs that we have, wrought iron panels and railings,  natural living grass and plants are being placed in the roofing system.

This may cost a little bit much compared to the usual roofs that we have but it helps in cooling down the house’s temperature, cleans the air around, and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

3. Sustainable materials are being introduced in the construction industry. Products that fit a wide variety of budgets like Formaldehyde free woods like Zebra wood are being used as a substitute to the usual wood contractors use in building homes.

This type of wood is also sourced from sustainable forests as well. Expect more innovations and improvements in the design, materials and methods in the construction of houses and buildings in the future. Promote and support green and sustainable house designs and material to contribute in saving nature.

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