Green Monday is back : Flor Amazona handmade bracelet

green monday

It’s been a while .  No, it’s been a year since i last posted about this meme and yes, I terribly miss Green Monday and I wonder if you do too.

So, let us start the year with a smile and spread green to make an internet awareness.  So, for this first entry for this year, I want to share to you this great find.

flor amazona is a jewelry house founded in Colombia by designer Ana Maria Sarmiento, her designs are Vibrant with a sensual edge and her jewelry are definitely worth having, a perfect addition on your growing accessories or a gift for someone you dearly love.  Each pieces tells a different story and made from love and dedication.

 Inspired by the Amazonian Rainforest, this bracelet is indeed a precious find , this piece truly captivates my love for ocean and the black and gold beaded pattern which was inspired by the “Embera” natives was created magnificently.  The seahorse style portrays a rich and colourful ocean life which also reminds us to take care of it.  La Pacifica Gold  makes the perfect addition for a captivating and chic look that is perfect for day or night affair and to forget that it was handcrafted and created for over 40 hours of intricate handwork and hard work which added a real value on this bracelet.

IMG_4643 Wearing the La Pacifica Gold Bracelet  –  Watch :  Wewood Watch (eco-watch)

Shoes :  eco shoes from Victoria

 It’s a perfect piece for any outfit and what I truly love is the fact that it was created with devotion which serves it’s real purpose.  The seahorse makes the overall look amazingly pretty.


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